Pano 360 Meetup 01

Everyone should have gotten the email now and a small handful of us have confirm the attendance.

Do bring your own laptop if you have and load them up with the pano software that you use often or have used Hugin, PTGui, Pano2QTVR, Pleinpot or others.

I’ll show my workflow as the tutorial may be confusing for some, even the video tutorials which I know may be too small for viewing or to your liking.

The weather these few weeks has not be predictable as we all know how Singapore is like thus we’ll start morning 10am for the clear blue skies we are having for the past week, and hope it lasts through Sunday.

We’ll visit 2 places then gather for a hands-on session as I know the actual taking of the photos will be very easy after we all hae the setup “calibrated” and those with the Nodal Ninja will be even quicker! Trust me! It’s the stitching that will take up time. I’ll hunt for a good place, currently 2 places in mind, a friend’s photo studio or a LAN shop kind of setting places as we won’t want our laptops to run out of juice.

I foresee we’ll be taking and stitching at the same time too so battery life will be very much sacred. haha

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