Waterfall Timelapse Pano


Timelapse. To see a static 360 one that’s taken during the night. See here. It was raining when this sets of 5 x 360 pano were taken thus the slight movement of the camera/ NN3 and why the sky is totally “washed out” and grey.

If it’s too slow in loading, try resizing the viewing window smaller. It will scale accordingly. Remember, you’ll need shockwave.


SPI-V testing. Look out for more exciting stuffs with this engine soon…

It may not be as popular (yet!) due to the steep learning curve and many photographers were first a photographers then a computer guy I supppose. I happen to be the other way round and is still an ametuer doing this more as a hobbyist.


Taking as little shots as possible.

How do you take as little shots as possible? With a super duper wide lens (and a deep pocket in some cases).

Check out the Sunex super wide fisheye lens, Canon (there’s a Nikon variant). $799USD.


  • Focal length 5.6mm
  • Fixed aperture F/5.6, optimized for both indoor and outdoor uses.
  • 185° field of view
  • Image circle: ~14.5mm
  • Fixed focus with a depth of field: ~0.5m to infinity with one pixel blur (Calculate the depth of field for other blur circle).
  • Size: ~70mmx90mm (dia x length)
  • Weight: ~470g
  • Download manual
  • Mount: Canon (SuperFisheye on Canon 40D).

At the moment, money can’t buy you the above…it’s out of stock! darn!
Also available is the Coastal Optical super wide fisheye too. Price, a lot more! $4.5kUSD

Sigma new lenses

Targetted at DSLR users. The 4.5mm, it got me really excited! 180 FOV! 2 shots or 4 shots for a full 360 pano? Could well be possible!

See the specs here, the 4.5mm F2.8 EX DC Circular Fisheye HSM.


P&S 360 Pano

Wanna take a 360 pano with a point and shoot camera? Nodal Ninja is, of course, capable of doing just that. See the article here.

We use a Canon Powershot A95 and the Nodal Ninja 3 with a T Adaptor.

NN3 and Panosaurus

A short article comparing the Nodal Ninja 3 and the Panosaurus

Thanks Greg for sending us a demo production piece. The next outing for us will be fixed soon. You’ll get a chance to see how it looks like and how it fair compared to other pano heads you may have.

Check out the article here.

Olympus still doesn’t know?

It seems Olympus is out of touch?


I have a Canon 40D and “live view” in case they have not heard or know what is it. View this (forward to 1 min 28 secs if you can’t wait).

We all know they thought they had a good selling point with their E-510 but please! It’s time to pull that ad which appeared in PC Magazine (Dec 4 2007). Both Canon and Nikon’s upcoming D300 has this function already.

Their full ad is below. Click for bigger image.


Check out the E-510 here.

What cams are capable of LiveView?

Canon 1DsMKIII40D, Nikon D300

Next Please…

The next World Wide Panorama event will be a double event.

The Best of 2007 and the more meaningful “all shot at the same fixed time”, “Wrinkle Tribute”

Singapore is on 22 Dec 2007 at 2.08pm. Gear up! I sure hope to see more participate from Singapore. The previous event (Sustenance) had only me from Singapore (Asia, 3 from China, 1 from Hong Kong, 13 from Japan, 2 from Korea, 1 from Philippines and 1 from Taiwan). Which is here, scroll for Singapore.

Read the rules and how to participate here.

Official: Nodal Ninja 5

Coming in Mid Dec 2007.

See the announcement here.


Key Points:

– Will allow you to use one of those big body camera such as the Canon 1D series and Nikon D2/3 series.

– WIll allow you to use it with DSLR and grip.

– Priced at USD$399.95 (approx SGD$577)

Asia pre-orders will be up soon.


It’s featured in this month’s POP Photo magazine. The panamatic and I ordered one into Singapore to compare knowing yes knowingly the following:

1. There will not be any way this will be able to do any nodal point/ entrance pupil correction.

2. Users of this will most probably be stuck to be using this with a fix amount of equipment/ camera body/ lense thus, no way of re-useablity if we upgrade/change cam/ lens.

3. It’s cheap seems to be the only good point and it just about ends there. Look out for hands on tests soon.

4. Bundled software package for USD$5 more. Please skip this I would suggest. Try Hugin or the “preferred-by-many” PTGui.

5. There’s entries on the Net that has mention about the Panamatic since 2005. It has been around for a while and the pictures show it has made no improvement to the designs or anything else. One very early was dated as far back as PMA 2005, which was Feb 20 – 23 2005 (source).

It’ll be coming in from Canada and should take 2 weeks(?) to reach Singapore.

Links –http://tinyurl.com/3cjfgo