Pioneer MRT Track Test

Pioneer MRT Track Test from etegration on Vimeo.

The tracks are being tested during the night and a real train is used to passed through the station a few time each night. This is a time lapse video taken over the night of 28 Oct 2008. The train passed a few times during the night. Total of 1834 shots taken, one every 10 secs, processed with photoshop then after effects.

User Registration

I’ve done some changes to the user registration process. It should be transparent and all…I too hate registration and all thus the reason all parts of the site are visible be it you registered or not. It should not make a different if you are viewing the Collections, the Articles or the Video tutorials on Youtube or Vimeo.

I do not send out SPAM to registered users too and I encourage registered users to post comments and to date, Panda08 still holds the most number of comments posted. He’s the kind of source of inspiration that makes me keep posting and posting. Stats of ITCOW 360 has been steadily increasing and again, I did all these as a hobbyist and at times, commercial request do come in and it has been really great and fun doing those shots and meeting the kind and fun people that I have worked with.

I also believe that some users are subscribed to ITCOW 360 via RSS feed using their favourite feed readers, for me, my favourite is Google’s (of course!).

A little recap of ITCOW 360…

There’s been exactly 32,639 photos (Used Picasa 3 and switched to Folder Tree Structure, it counts automatically!) taken specifically for panoramas shots since March 2007 (I haven’t actually counted how many panos are there on this site…any volunteers?) with my older Canon 350D then my Canon 40D using lenses ranging from the EF-S 10-22mm, the Sigma 18-200mm, Sigma 10-20mm, the Peleng 8mm, the once rented 5D with the superb EF 15mm! Then there was the building of the lightweight pano equipment with the Nikon P5100 with the FC-E8. It has and is fun and panoramas is always addictive finding ways and new technologies, plugins to make some fun and even more immersive 360 panos. From time lapse 360 pano, to hanging the camera out my window for a 2 shot 360 pano with the Coolpix, they offers a lot of possibilities with great fun and commercial values and uses.

Along the way too, friends have been made and some really dedicated full time panographers from overseas have been known and techniques exchanges, ideas shared and damn, has it been fun and the more we try to do more and if not, outdo each other!

So, keep shooting Panographers and thank you for visiting ITCOW 360.


DevalVR | Flash

The 3 different kind of transport that Transtar offers. The Premium, 1st Class Solitaire and the refitted Mercedes. Visitors are treated to free flowing of candy floss and popcorns!

PhotoTechEDU Day 29: Photographing VR Panoramas

A year’s old video, part of Google’s Tech Talk by VR pioneer S. Highton. A thought, sound embedded 360 pano are kinda irritating during presentations.

See the presentation at


Scott Highton, one of the pioneers of virtual reality photography, will present an overview of methods and techniques for photographing VR panoramas. While VR panoramas have become common for online tours in the real estate and travel industries, where low-quality point-and-shoot technique seems to prevail, Scott focuses on the higher-end and higher-quality approaches that yield memorable and evocative imagery.

Scott’s talk will include discussion of the various capture and post-production technologies available for panoramic imaging today, as well as a look behind the scenes at real-life VR photo shoots

Speaker: Scott Highton
Scott Highton is one of the pioneers of virtual reality photography. He was the first independent photographer contracted by Apple to work with and test QuickTime VR, as well as an early photographic consultant and contract photographer during the development of IPIX’s PhotoBubble technology. Specializing in photography of extreme locations and environments, he was the first to use both technologies underwater.

Scott has been a commercial photographer, documentary cinematographer, and writer for close to 30 years, and is in the process of finishing his long-awaited book on Virtual Reality Photography techniques. He has lectured at a number of photo industry events, and produces the Virtu…

Google Streetview in Singapore

If you have not heard, Google’s Streetview is coming to Singapore. What is street View? Click here then click Streetview. Yep, we’ll have 360 view of the streets but if you need such services in your company, shop, home or any space. Click me. 🙂

Read more about Google Street View in Singapore @

TCH Bike Marketing

DevalVR | Flash

A bicycle shop is a place I always wanted to do a pano on and many thanks to Mr Tay CS for giving permission to allow me to produce this series of this shop. This brings out the current owner’s old signage that was passed down from their father. The signage reads “Hua Hin” and is still being used at their Jurong West St 41 branch.

It’s heartening to listen about how a family runs a bicycle business with so many branches around the island.