no forums?

I’ve been asked again this today, from a visitor who frequent ITCOW 360 often and email just as often on how techniques etc all the way from Germany. Well, I do not want to reinvent the wheel and thus, there is no forums. I do not see the point as traffic to this site according to Google Analytics recorded mostly users viewing the panos and leaving with a few percentage reading the tutorials and watching the videos even but the majority are viewers.

Forums wise, there’s pano guide which has a lot of excellent people that are far more experienced in taking panos. Sad thing, they are so far overseas. We ought to have something more vibrant in Asia!



The mass kite flying event was so big, many took to the other side of the field at Oasis LRT Station to fly their kites.

PTGui 8.02 in Windows 7

Did a VMWare-ed Windows 7 and tested PTGui in it. It works fine but the drag and drop do not work at first (dragging and dropping of all image to be stitching into PTGui) then it worked anyway, see the video here.