Photo 360 Singapore!

Schools and Students, Check out the great folks at Microsoft having a 360 event.

Check out our lists of Heritage sites and War memorials. Parks are a great place to locate Tourist Attractions. Check YOG 2010 for places of Sports Venue. See this article for Photosynth introduction.

Competition Overview

Photo 360 is a contest to rally Singapore youth in Institutes of Higher Learning(polytechnics, universities and other tertiary institutes) to participate in the picture taking and stitching photos of  Singapore heritage and cultural sites into one big interactive 3D viewing experience using Microsoft® Photosynth (

Students will be introduced to photogrammetry and will be required to go around Singapore to take pictures of allocated attraction sites(a maximum of 2) which will be from the following categories –

  • Heritage and Culture
  • Tourist Attractions
  • Sports Venue
  • Check out Bing Maps while at this and check their Streetside. Perfecly stitch images of Empire State Building! Streetside to Singapore please!

    Epson Annual Pano Awards

    Note it is a paid contest:

    The Entry Fee is USD$18.00, The Entry Fee allows you to enter one (1) image. You may enter three (3) images at once for an entry fee of USD$38.00. The maximum number of entries is six (6) across the whole competition. When entering 3 images at once, you must enter them all in the one category (Open OR Amateur)