Samyang took their own sweet time…

If you can order it locally, do it. If not, dont bother getting it ordered via Ebay. Lens reviews may be good and all but the services really has a lot to more to be demanded. Slow responses to email and/ or Ebay message system.

Singaporeans has the choice of ordering it from a Malaysian reseller. It’s RM1240 (approx SGD $513.40) compared to foto tip selling via ebay at SGD $399.00 ($208 Euros)

6 Jan 2010 – Ordered and paid via Foto Tip at Ebay with reply “ Today your order has been sent with airmail. You should receive it within 4-7 working days.”

19 Jan 2010 – Asked for tracking number since it’s been more than 7 days to call my local post office.

20 Jan 2010 – No such package on records.

22 Jan 2010 – Called again and was told the address was incomplete and package was send back to foto tip. Notified fototip that it is being returned and provided full address manually via email whici is exactly the same on what I have on file at ebay.

25, 26, 29 Jan, 2, 3, 4, and 16 Feb 2010 – Checked again to see if lens has been reshipped.

17 Feb 2010 – Reverted at last from foto tip that it has been reshipped “a few days ago”.

18 Feb 2010 – Asked for tracking number again in case address was wrong, I can pick up from Singpost manually with my identification.

21 Feb 2010 – Ask for tracking number again.

22 Feb 2010 – Bullshit reply awaiting “book of codes. We should get it today or tommorow and whet we get it we will let you know the number.”

1 March 2010 – Called Singapore Post, was told no such item yet.

3 March 2010 – Called Singapore Post, was inform it is delivered to a post office near my area and I made the trip to collect it. At long long last…