Hosting of Panoramas

After overcoming all the obstacles of purchasing a camera, you decided to go into panoramas photography, got a panoramas head, tripod, fisheye lens and all. Purchased stitching application and learned all the ups and downs of stitching together a panorama. Many then hit a wall of finding a place to host their panos. During discussion with retail shops and individuals who purchased the Nodal Ninja from ITCOW360, often, questions finally was, where can I host my panoramas?

There are in fact, quite some sites that allow you to do it. You might already have an account!

1. Flickr.

If your equicretangular images are already on FLickr, pop by DevalVR to watch how it can be transformed to be interactive panoramas.

2. Facebook.

Facebook will make you jump over a few hoops but after white listing your site, you’ll be able to embed panoramas directly onto your facebook feed(s). See for instructions.

3. Flickr alternative to hosting of panos

There are sites lick Flickr that host your images and display them as panoramas for you too. It may come with a Google Map to display where your pano was taken too. Check out the links section under Sites. Example of such sites are 360 Cities and PanoGuide which allows you to host only 5 panos but they have quite an active forums dedicated to panographers.

4. I have my own site already, so?

Social medias could be a passing fad but there’s no denying that it is a great marketing tool.If your site allows you to do RSS feeds, check out RSS Graffiti to feed your whole blog into facebook wall automatically.

Visitors can view this RSS feed on viewers such as Google Reader too

There are also embedding plugins for sites running WordPress. Google for Quicktime embed, Flash Embed, FPP embed.


As you can already see, there are a lot of tools and apps out there, you just need to mash them up and try them out and find the combination that you think will best suit your users. Understanding a little on your geographic viewers is invaluable too. Like in Singapore, users generally are on facebook and not much on Orkut. What pages are your users looking at more and how they land on your site. This is where Google Analytics ( is of good use if you are running your own site.

ITCOW360 do at times display fellow panographer’s work with full links and credits like recently, Terence’s work. Give us a shout, a poke, an email, we’ll be glad to display your panoramas.

Most importantly, enjoy taking and showing off your panoramas.