Flashificator not Air 2.0 ready…yet.

With the release of adobe air 2.0. Flashificator has not been able to kept up of what changes and cause functions to not work. Thus, upgrading to adobe air will cease uses of flashificator.


This is a mass-mail sent to all Flashificator users.

Adobe is soon going to release version 2 of AIR.

When version 2 of air comes out, do NOT download it. The current version
of Flashificator will NOT WORK with it. To make the problem more
interesting, version 2 does not inform of what it is that is not working,
and thereby makes it impossible for the programmer to fix whatever it is
that needs to be fixed for AIR 2.

A complete re-write of Flashificator is required in order to solve that
issue, and that is not something that is done over a short period of time.

The good news is that the rewrite will result in a much improved
interface, where the sins of the past will be left behind.

Please keep this in mind this and don’t get tempted to install version 2
if you see it. It will only make life more difficult for now.  AIR may
download silently, and ask you for permission to install.  If/when that
happens, turn down the installation offer.

When time allows, I will have the programmer to start making a new
improved version of Flashificator, where this problem (and others) will not
be present.

Thank you for your attention.

Trausti Hraunfjord