Ready for Multiresolutions

Coming soon, to Pano2VR Version 3!

You may already have seen multi resolutions panoramas, they are mostly generated using krPano. Prices of the plugin is a high 90 Euros. Having shelf out money for your gear, a fullframe camera, a fisheye lens, some other accessories, flash triggers, umbrellas, flashes, tripods, bags…It really put a strain on photographers thinking of even starting out on panoramas.

Enter Pano2VR. You get to do virtual tours, templates, great community help and more clicking and exporting then figuring out XML files or other codings. One strong point they have is the online video tutorials.

After each (paid) assignment, we build our our gears both in hardware and software and still over the years, I come back to Pano2VR more from using FPP with Flashicator, trying out krPano or simply, exporting Quicktime panoramas from within PTGui….

For starters and the season panographers, all you need for software is still PTGui, upcoming Version 9 features the HTML5 output…think iPad, Safari AND Pano2VR (HTML5 soon too!). If one job for your panoramas does not cover these 2 software cost, you are charging too low! : )

Existing 2.x version of Pano2VR can upgrade at a cheaper rate of 20 Euros (Around $36.30, Paypal rate). New purchase is 59 Euros.