World’s most expensive (Photography) book?

Madonna. X-Static Process. At $3500 USD on Amazon. Madonna photos! That’s one I would love to have. “260 pages of 4 color images in a sealed, numbered edition of only 1000 copies, Hand-bound and printed in Italy, Printed on customized paper with brushed cotton paper slipcase” and did I mention Madonna?!!!

World’s most expensive books @ 11 Million USD articles here and here. So what’s the most expensive books in Amazon’s vault(s)?

So what do you think is Amazon’s most expensive book in stock/ listed? Check out this. When we last visited, this page contains only books people actually put up for sale like a book that didnt even have a clear image of what it is, selling at the highest on the listed price of $55 Million USD. I could list my secondary textbook at 56 Million but that doesn’t mean it’s a rare find….so well….

Here’s the list of books listed as Arts and Photography, sorted by price.

Links > Perry Mason

Ford Factory

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Originally built by Ford Motor Works in 1941 to replace their old factory on Anson Road, it was the first motor-car assembly plant in Southeast Asia. Completed just four months before 15 February 1942, it became the site for the signing of the unconditional surrender of the British Forces to the Japanese Army in the Ford Board Room. Lieutenant-General A.E. Percival had walked along Bukit Timah with a white flag to his historic meeting with Lieutenant-General Yamashita.


Backup! Backup! Backup!

“Dude, how to recover my photos if my harddisk has crashed?”

Another harddisk bites the dust. Another friend who has lost years and years of ex girlfriend(s), wife, his newborn son, 2 year old daughters (pass 2 years photos), vacation, the happy, the sad, whatever…photos. Gone, puff*, justl ike that.

“Didn’t I tell you harddisk are dirt cheap now?”

Advise that are not heeded. No time to make a trip to buy one….His late-father’s photos, wedding photos…puff*

“Google Backblaze when you have time then…”

Yes it has limitation but those are limitations that a computer guy will have. Not a photographer….clients photos, his past 8 year’s worth of photography portfolio…(he does this full time!) puff*


ok everyone, Backblaze. Read the whole site, FAQ, blog but this is what it does but here’s the simple version:

1. It back up EVERYTHING
2. It does not backup network mapped drives or NAS. If you do not know what that is, you don’t have to bother.
3. $5 USD per month per PC. Less than USD$4 if you pay 2 years upfront.
4. Restore is free. Options available for DVD to be sent or Thumbdrive. Not cheap but photos are priceless.
5. Secure? How fast is the backup? Mac/ Windows? < Click
6. Best of all, it stores data “offsite”.

*That friend exist in all of us and is not real…well, sort of…and of course, since it backs up everything, it’s not only photos. It’s everything that’s important, work documents, that 500 page presentations etc etc If you can afford a DSLR, you can afford to have the photos backup, somehow, somewhere.

Update: ITCOW360 Dec 2010

For those keeping track of our pano through Facebook. Come to our main site for all the features.

We’ve added a “Featured Pano” post on top of the site. This cycles through all old panos and displays one random post everytime the page is reloaded.


We are excited with the additional of HTML5 to the many browsers but mostly, to Pano2VR. Excited that it works on the iPad and iPhone. Showing it to clients or just people we meet is now a breeze. In the past, we get users to download (yet another) an app, the Pangea VR. We’ve decided to stop using it but will keep those for maybe 6 months “or so” before phasing it out completely. With HTML5, you can simply use the built in Safari browser, come to the site and click on the iPad/ iPhone link to launch the pano on your iDevice.

HTML5 works on Safari and Chrome on Macs and PCs.

Multi Resolutions

As above, we will be doing away with the Big or Small view of panoramas when each are published, you may have stumbled on one already, the first test was done on this post. It will open a panorama automatically and scale accordingly when you zoom in or out. That’s multi resolution! There’ll be an additional link to use iDevices, which we collectively call iPads, iPhones and iPods.

We started this in March 2007 and over the years and met wonderful people and clients through panography. Check them all out in the Collections section.

So HTML5, officially ready or not, use it! Native compatibility with iDevices and not having to install and ocnfigure an app for us ANYTIME!