360 Precision took their own sweet time (too)

Samyang first now, 360 Precision. Do check and check if you are ordering. They tend to delete your post on Facebook too. If you don’t have the stock, say so! Don’t tell post in your store saying you have then when I order, you start machining it! You can build the world’s best ticketing system but if there’s no response, what for?!

3 Nov 2011 – Place order

13 Nov 2011 – Left Google Checkout negative comment.

19 Nov 2011 – Tried asking on their ticketing system

26 Nov 2011 – Openly posted on their Facebook page hoping for a response.

30 Nov 2011 – Check Facebook post (above image), post was deleted. Went back to ticketing system hoping, praying for a response. Google Checkout/ Google Wallet still shows NO SHIPPED! WTF?! Sent an email to support@360prec.zendesk.com, praying again…FML, price dropped of the Atome. Paid 225 Pounds, is now $174 pounds. And I still not not have it in my hands.

30 Nov 2011 – Agreed to refund the difference for all items not shipped

19 Dec 2011 – Received a note that tracking is available. Items seemed shipped till I check it 2 hours later. Item is in Singapore. Was actually shipped 16 Dec. Not suprise ANY updates is slow anyway. Just glad it’s in Singapore and I hope in my hands soon, Merry Christmas to me please?

23 Dec 2011 – Got the Atome in my hands! Merry Christmas to us!

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