Calling Panographers in NYC

Please go call up B&H and show them what a real panorama looks like please. We’ve always been critical about Google’s quality…more of the lack of it. Google recently visited B&H under the business programme that Google has and created this. Do a few free ones for B&H please. I’ll be glad to do it, when I do visit New York whenever that is…

So if you’re a panographer, I know there’s a few based in NYC. Call them up, create something without those parallex errors and a proper nadir for god’s sake. Then upsell with other paying ones inside the store. I think they’ll be happier and not look like some criminal or porn stars with mosiac-ed face on Google Streetview.

The requirement based on what is created are faily simple. Take the whole store. HDR was used although poorly in Google’s version. it may not be a bad thing. Now they know what is possible, it’s time you show up and do it better. Do cover the 2nd floor. Seems not covered when i am viewing till the stairs leading to “Photography” (just after studio lightings). It’s afterall, B&H! Not showing photography equipment in their panos should be made illegal. lol.

– via Wired

Outdated Pano Sites 2012

High turnover… Visit at your own risks.

Autodesk Stitcher moved, alive and kicking! –

AutoPano – Was, is now

Easypano – Bite the dust? Unrealible host?

EggSolution – Redirects to some CGI, seems macious.

Flashpanos and Pano Salado – Domain on auction at 7kUSD at last check with the evil Godaddy –,

iSeephotoVista – FAKE Site that looks like Youtube.

Flash360 – Dead.

VRStation – Active or NOT.

Weifeng Group – Dead.