Picasa 3.9 is slow…

Picasa latest update to 3.9 is slow like a snail with whatever integration there is for Google+. It starts up slow, it seems like it wants to hang on you after starting up. Totally waste of time.

Get the old version 3.8 if you have regretted like we have at http://goo.gl/G1CTI

Simply install that in the same directory that you have install Picasa. Your settings will remain intact. Remember to disable updating after downgrading to the FASTer version of 3.8

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Olivia d’Aboville graduated from Duperré, a prestigious Textile Design school in Paris, France, in 2009. Her work has been exhibited in museums, galleries, hotels and festivals in France, Hong Kong, Manila and the United States. It ranges from textile jewellery to sculptures, lighting design and installation art.