We are 7!

7 Years. Wow!

It’s been a great 7 years and it’s the first time we look back at all the panos these passed 7 years. This started out small with tons of trial and error, frustrations and happiness. As the years passed, people has come to know about us and our work both here and overseas. We’ve made a lot of friends and with the rise of social media, even more friends and acquaintances, equipment manufacturers, clients from hotels and museums with some turning into friends after the projects. We’ve also embarked on many personal projects that we are passionate about, private museums, churches.

We’ve met passionate people who love their jobs and it drives up us to do even more pro bono work. Along the way, we won some panorama awards when we tried to preserve some memories through panoramas of the Bukit Timah Railway station in Singapore.

From a blog, adding more technical articles, writeups and reviews. We’ve grown. It continues to be fun when we show people what panoramas can do when photos may fail.

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