18 Jan 1970

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“Today, we witness an admirable initiative by The Fullerton Heritage in showcasing Singapore’s history through the launch of The Fullerton Heritage Gallery. Supported by the National Heritage Board’s Heritage Industry Incentive Programme, the Gallery will help bring to life the rich history and heritage of The Fullerton Heritage precinct, and mark the progress of an area that has always been an important cornerstone in our country’s history.

The return of the Foundation Stone is equally significant. Mooted by the Alumni International Singapore and originally erected outside the Fullerton Building in 1970 by the late Mr Yusof bin Ishak, the first President of the Republic of Singapore, the Foundation Stone for the proposed monument, which is intended to pay homage to our many forefathers who built this land, will now be returned to its rightful place. Bringing the Stone back to the waterfront will make it more accessible to visitors and enable them to get a better understanding of Singapore’s early history.

Ultimately, no monument can pay a more fitting tribute to our early forefathers than the vibrant city and impressive skyline that we enjoy today. This is the best testament to the blood, sweat and toil of our forefathers. This living city that we continue to develop and grow is the most appropriate tribute to the noble contributions of our early founders.”

Source – http://www.a2o.com.sg/a2o/public/html/etc/10_FoundationStone.htm | Wikipedia.

The information from Wikipedia seems inaccurate on it’s current location, waiting for NHB to reply. I’ve taken this outside of Fullerton Hotel. Map Below.