Istana Kehakiman Putrajaya


Istana Kehakiman Putrajaya or Palace of Justice, big area and space in front of the palace with flags poles. Directly opposite Perbadanan Putrajaya Building, and I mean it’s right in the middle. Some engineering feat.

With my limited knowledge of the Malay language, the banner hanging onboth sides of the palace reading “Buat Kerja” seems to mean, “Do your work” or quite simply… “Do work”, what a slogan/ mission statement.

Perbadanan Putrajaya Building


Perbadanan Putrajaya was established under the Perbadanan Putrajaya Act 536, 1995 for the purpose of managing and administering Federal Territory of Putrajaya.

Don’t seem to be updated much, the website keep mentioning, a forum, an email service and even calendering services but a visit there will let you know the domain is no longer under them and is for sale/ cybersquatted even…Well done Malaysia!…the forum however, seems to be alive. Go try find it, it’s hosted within

Equipment whoring!


Testing some equipment, trying out the tripods and since we had everything out, a photo of all the equipment! Click bottom image for bigger image. We had 2 x 5D, 1 x 40D, 1 x 50D, a 70-200mm F/4, Peleng 8mm, 10-22mm, 17-55 F/2.8, 1 x 580EX, 1 x 580EX2, a couple of remote trigger, a nodal ninja3, a 400D, a HP 2133 laptop, a Nikon P5100, a FC-E8, batteries, CF cards, tripods…


Seri Wawasan


Today’s post is a break away from the Hotair Ballon Fiesta. Here’s a night pano of Seri Wawasan Bridge near the Hotair Ballon lift off area. It’s simply stunning at night. Somewhat prettier than Singapore Keppel Bay Bridge even.

The concrete bridge is a combination of cable backstays and structural steel tie back. It is a dual three lane carriageways of 18.6m width each, comprising 3 x 3.5m width lanes, 0.5 m hard shoulder, 0.5m marginal strip. The median is 4 m wide and walkway cum cycle track width is 5.1m giving a total width of 37.2m at the centre of the bridge. – Source

By the Pool

The staff of Berjaya Resort were busy preparing for the outdoor BBQ buffet that we enjoyed during the evening till night, by the sea on one side and by the pool on the other, under the moonlight…a must try has got to be the BBQ prawns and the made-on-the-spot murtabak! I had like 8 small slices of the murtabak. *slurp*

This HDR pano I tried something new on contrast and shadows. Hope it’s nice to you.