“without a shot” – Fall of the Berlin Wall


The Berlin Wall had practically separated a city and a country into two. It has also stood for the division of Europe and the world into a free and an unfree part. Twenty years ago, the Wall fell completely peacefully, without a shot, without bloodshed. It was like a miracle. The peaceful protests of the people in the socialist German Democratic Republic (GDR) had developed slowly but steadily over months and could not finally be held back. The obstinate GDR regime that has refused basic reforms right to the end, had failed due to the will of the people to be free.

Not even a year had passed between the fall of the Wall and reunification when on 3 October 1990, we achieved German unity in peace and freedom and with the consent of our partners and allies in the world.

– Dr Helmut Kohl, Federal Chancellor (retired)

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50th Anniversary – Berliners wake to divided city

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Has these walls remain where they were, today will be 50 years + 1 day since it has been erected. 50 years ago, Berlin woke up to a divided City.

Berlin – The German city of Berlin fell silent for one minute yesterday as it marked the 50th anniversary of the day the Berlin Wall started to go up.

A memorial service remembered those who died trying to flee to the West. At noon, Berlin’s entire public transport system stopped to honour the victims.

– ST


Upper Seletar Reservoir





It’s that kind of feeling, you know it’s in you but it doesn’t strike you till you visit that place and all those feeling comes sprouting out of you. You know you’ve been here before but it’s like 20 years ago when you were a kid. Upper Seletar Reservoir is one of those places for me.

“”Upper Seletar Reservior, Singapore’s thired impounding reservoir, was built to cater for the surge in water demand after World World I. Completed in 1940, it was damanaged during Japanese air raids in 1941 but was subsequently repaired. In 1969, the capacity of the reservoir was enlarged by over 35 times. It was officially opened on 10 Auguest 1969 by Princess Alexandra when she represented Queen Elizabeth II during the 150th anniversary celebrations of Singapore’s establishment as a British trading post. In 1981, the capacity of the reservoir was increaed by another 13 per cent. Originnaly known as Seletar Reservoir, the reservoir was renamed Upper Seletar Reservoir after the construction of the Lower Seletar Reservoir in 1986.””