Rasa Sentosa Resort – Balcony


A short holiday from work to relax at Rasa Sentosa Resort, Sentosa. A full screen no nonsense pano comparing it to the one on the official Rasa Sentosa Resort websit. The photographer who took it cheated! Using a Sentosa logo to cover the nadir (bottom image where the tripod will be) so as to do lesser editing work and using Java will cause problem which I will not go through here. Enjoy this pano. The official Rasa Sentosa’s ones are here.

Civilisation Museum and Anderson Bridge




“Rule #45238973, always hold on tight to your tripod and guard it with your life when taking Pano.” I was taking a pano right in front of the Merlion when some tourist accidently kicked my tripod. ISO1600 f/4 and at 1/10 sec, I thought, should be ok. WRONG WRONG WRONG! “Rule #7450965832, always retake when not sure!” It caused motion blur and there’s no way to have a nice pano. It’s ok, good reason to revisit Merlion for another Pano shoot soon. So here’s the Civilisation Museum and Anderson Bridge for now.

It was quite a fun trip today. Saw many photographers (some are in the pano) when I was taking the first Civilisation Museum pano shot. They should know or they’re thinking again, “why taking photo of the floor?” – now you know.

Cavenagh Bridge and Fountain Square



Needed to relax after a hard day’s work and what better ways to be doing that than taking PANO and some perspiring walking. Here’s Cavenagh Bridge and Fountain Square located near China Square Central. Both about 15 minutes walk from my office.

Around the block



Been a long time since I’ve been in a playground. I mean, actually climbing the ladders and be in it! Took 2 Pano of the same playground.


Another playground area at Blk 987D Jurong West.

Finally, a small but long park opposite my blocks. Hidden behind the coffeeshop. A nice place.


Thian Hock Keng Temple


An old Pano, taken along Telok Ayer Street. Did not take a separate nadir photos thus resorted to clone stamping. Bad nadir but now I know! (make a mental note…)


Good and bad thing. I recently crashed my file server at home but all’s well as it’s running RAID 5 and been a long time since I burn them to DVD so good time to upgrade. Replaced it with 2 x file servers (both RAID 5 of course!) and formatted the rig i used to generate all the pano you see as I found out it’s not the software(s) causing problems, it was the OS itself.

Here, some remake of the panos in better resolutions. Enjoy!


Esplanade Front Entrance 1


Esplanade Front Entrance 2


Esplanade at night, by the sea, on of my favourite.



In the shop 1


In the shop 2


In the shop 3 – P.M.B. inside.360-2_nadir_tiny.jpg

Outside Nextbyte


Vivocity 360


Vivo City Main Entrance 2.


Skate Park @ Orchard


War Memorial @ Beach Road



Jurong West

Big Open Space overseeing the new MRT Rails soon. This space is also home to some soccer players who actively play here.