Upper Seletar Reservoir





It’s that kind of feeling, you know it’s in you but it doesn’t strike you till you visit that place and all those feeling comes sprouting out of you. You know you’ve been here before but it’s like 20 years ago when you were a kid. Upper Seletar Reservoir is one of those places for me.

“”Upper Seletar Reservior, Singapore’s thired impounding reservoir, was built to cater for the surge in water demand after World World I. Completed in 1940, it was damanaged during Japanese air raids in 1941 but was subsequently repaired. In 1969, the capacity of the reservoir was enlarged by over 35 times. It was officially opened on 10 Auguest 1969 by Princess Alexandra when she represented Queen Elizabeth II during the 150th anniversary celebrations of Singapore’s establishment as a British trading post. In 1981, the capacity of the reservoir was increaed by another 13 per cent. Originnaly known as Seletar Reservoir, the reservoir was renamed Upper Seletar Reservoir after the construction of the Lower Seletar Reservoir in 1986.””

Small Spaces



I wanted to explore how small space can I have and still take a successful 360 Pano. Here’s my small room and the house’s toilet. Any smaller, I may have to try a Point and Shoot camera with mirrors or something…



The newly Mega of Megastores. Under ERS’s Warehouse Retails Scheme, the 3 companies, Giant, Ikano (which operates IKEA) and Giant (The supermarket well, giant owned by Hong Kong’s Dairy Farm Group ) have their retails and warehousing consolidated here.

Fun Facts I gathered…

Courts Megastore – 280,000 sq ft including 116,000 sq ft is solely dedicated to retail.
– In Singapore Since 1974 and has 10 stores.
– Opened on 13 Dec 2006
– Cost 80 million SGD

IKEA – 387,500 sq ft
– In Singapore Since 1978 and has 2 stores.
– 40,000 visitors on opening day, 20,000 on avege day and 22,000 visitors to IKEA Alexandra (the great tasting meat balls and chicken wings must have a part of the reason why!)
– Opened 30 Nov 2006
– Cost 125 million SGD

Giant – 139,000 sq ft
– Opened on 14 March 2007
– Has 62,000 products! Comparision, Vivocity’s branch has 55,000.
– Car park space of 740, free of charge

My Block in new Colors


My Block repainted with new color scheme. At night…

First pano taken using my Sigma 18 – 200 @ 18mm throughout. More photos needed but it works. Same settings with the Nodal Ninja 3. No need to change anything on the rails at all, that’s ower Rail 41 and Upper Rails 93, in case you’re interested.

If the weather is good tomorrow, a 360 pano I have been thinking of…heheh

Kranji War Memorial

The back of the memorial, one of the big trees.


One of the many wall of names at the memorial.


View from the front.


The Front Entrance.


Front View again, Big Cross.


It’s a really nice place to be. The Kranji War Memorial.

For the brave who has given their life so that men can live free.

From here on, all 360 Panos are done using my new Nodal Ninja 3. It’s a lot better! For those interested, with a Canon 350D fitted with a 10-20 Sigma, upper rail is 93 and lower rail is 41 for the nodal point/ entrance pupil.

Adobe Lightroom and CS3


Gotten beta versions of Lightroom and Photoshop CS3 and relooked at one of the more dull pano I have, the Millenia Tower one and applied some preset effect (Darktone +105) in Lightroom then used CS3, adjusted some Levels and here’s a more interesting 360 Pano. Then applied noise ninja, as you can see, with my Canon 350D at ISO 1600, the panos are rather noisy… all took 10 mins. They’re some kick arse products!