The World’s First (most delayed) Full HD 360° Camera


Giropatic launched their 360 camera for a delivery in Nov 2014. To date, 10 Feb 2015, there are talks that it’s only delivering in April or even May 2015. That’s a full 6 months delay for a World’s First.

The Giropatic 360 camera launched almost together with another 360 camera, the CENTR on Kickstarter with ex Apple engineers that Giropatic was fast to make a tongue in cheek reference that non of their team members were/ are from Apple.

Here’s a short run down that was the same posted on the comments section of the project.

@Shawn Starr does sound harsh but hi-fi! refund refund refund. One of the worst project i backed with moving target timelines.

@seyha – it’s hard to calm down and i think it has reach a stage where after so many rounds of asking for updates, we see oh they at CES, oh they doing photoshoot of the product but NONE is in my hands. Then “trying to update” us once or twice a week became maybe once a month? I dont care about youtube integration or they are have a booth at CES. I want what i backed as a KS Project within reasonable delays. It has long passed what is reasonable.

20 Jan 2015 – were at ces, youtube integration, ok lor…
17 Dec 2014 – frakencam update, photoshoot…ok lor….
19 Nov 2014 – got awarded in some CES away. Recevied parts, first few cameras up and running…so what?!
30 Oct 2014 – some guys may be interested but i dont care about what wave/ signal strength. I want a working camera.
14 Oct 2014 – new underwater lens cups…yawnz
27 Sept 2014 – Back from Photokina. See why we are lamenting the delays while you went Germany? Different team going for shows while other guys working on “core” technology. Whatever core means.
12 Sept 2014 – Back from Asia. Checked facotry.
27 Aug 2014 – Told us those who got tee will get their tees. yay?
7 Aug 2014 – optimising wifi….
21 July 2014 – molds.

You can see below, they can update if they want to but when the project is fully backed, when we need actual updates, it becomes slow. Sorry, got your support and money.

8 July 2014 – 45 days, 3900 backers, 1.4million dollars.
5 July 2014 – Payment deducted
4 July 2014 – a few hours left to back the project
1 July 2014 – Google IO
19 June 2014 – Partnetship with Hexo+
17 June 2014 – 17 days to go to back project, monopod concept
14 June 2014 – 1Million bucks in 23 days
6 June 2014…………..and so on and so on….
3 June 2014
28 May 2014
26 May 2014
24 May 2014 – First backed project

It beginning to look like a fiasco with no proper timeline or camera in sight. There are cameras shown when the Giroptic team visited CES and other trade shows. They also claim it’s a different team visiting trade shows and another “core” team doing development on the cameras.

There’s also Youtube integration WHEN we do get the camera but till then, it looks like this will not be the World’s First 360 camera or rather, comsumer may not care when our hands are laid on these cameras since it’s been so long since the project was launched.