yep, 3 Pano attempts and all doing 360 doesn’t seem to be working fine. More tweaking later but here’s a 180 pano, eh… I mean 3 x 180 panos.

Home 360 4th attempt


i think i got it right at last. +40 degrees up and -30 degrees below shots with 30 degrees per row of shots giving me altogether 24 photos plus 1 x zenith and 1 x nadir, total 26 shots and i got this! Quite many photos to take to have this but trying with 8 shots which is equvilent to 45 degrees per shot for 2 rows (+45 and -30) totally 14 (6 x 2 + 1 zenith and 1 nadir) leaves me with a lot of work in PTGui later setting control points after control points…

Office Full Screen

With a Proper NADIR, well sort of but manage to figure out how to do it although not nicely. Leaving the zenith to work out. Hopefully got time later this evening…

Carpark/ Pioneer MRT Station


Taken this afternoon, took a day leave to figure out this zenith pronlem and to rest. Here it is.

Click here to full screen(Will open new Window so won’t disrupt your surfing as the browser will resize automatically). Will be changing to link image to full screen QTVR (Quicktime VR) soon and for all future panos.