Jambatan Putra


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With a span of 435 metres, the Putra Bridge is considered the most prestigious bridge in Putrajaya. The Putra Bridge connects the Government Precinct 1 to the Mixed Development Precinct and links Dataran Putra with the Boulevard. Formal procession between the Boulevard and the Dataran Putra would pass through this bridge. Architecturally, it is inspired by the design of the famous Khaju Bridge in Isfahan, Iran.

The upper level of the Bridge forms part of the Boulevard. This unique three-deck bridge provides vehicle, monorail and pedestrian access. Besides providing the link between Precinct 1 and Precinct 2 on the Core Island, it has been designed to be a special feature of Putrajaya. The piers will be developed into fine dining restaurants.

Bridge Structure:

1.      Upper Level which is at RL 35m forms part of the Boulevard that connects to the Dataran Putra and the Prime Minister’s Office Complex
2.      Lower Level at RL 29m is used for service tunnel, LRT track, service road to Dataran Putra, and pedestrians
3.      Lowest Level at the piers will be utilized for restaurant overlooking the water of the Lake and places for boat berthing

Nescafe Orange


From Left, Nescafe ballooon from New Zealand, Orange from Belgium, right most in dark blue, white and red from Netherland.

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Ministry of Finance


Day 1. Arrive at LCCT, took a cab to Putrajaya to find out about the Hotair Balloon Festival for Sat’s shoot. Can’t seem to get a taxi or teksi, in Malaysia speak, to KL to check into our hotel. Then, friendly Arif came, tried to help but no cab…haha! Back to the old school way, flag them down on the side of the road!

Thanks Arif, we know you tried!