50k Apps and so?

As of writing, Android has 50k apps. For panographers, it is pretty much “so what?!” A quick run thorugh on iTunes and you have at least 4 panorama related download you can use to view panos from around the world or allow you to load your own. They are PangeaVR, Arounder, VirtualTravel and Panolab.

Windows Mobile having around for one of the longest has none either. Try Google-ing. I’ve searched high and low and even offered to pay for developers but the uptake is simply not there. If you’re interested, try dropping a mail to, we’ll see what we can work out still but honestly, with iPhone’s app and it’s popularity, we just do not want to reinvent the wheel.

PangeaVR has provided, still,  the most intuitive user interface with easy to edit XML anyone can use to load their own like ours here. The paid version allows you to download all the panos locally to the iPhone. With so much coverage in Singapore be it via 3G or WiFi (we have nationwide WiFi…soon), I do not think it is of use yet, less if we travel overseas, it’ll be a fast way to show potential clients, curious onlookers or the Police what you are going around your tripod and taking one photo every 90 degrees.