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The Photography Conmen in China Tourism

Recently my folks visited China. Zhangjiajie to be exact, the place where we can now find Avatar’s Hallelujah Mountains. It’s simply <eyes rolling>, they name everything after anything. One that is a group of 3, oh that’s a mum, a dad and their son mountain (see video below)….These are natural erosion that is quite a sight but these descriptions cheapens the whole place. All in the name of tourism…heck, they copy anything and everything, they have our Singapore iconic Merlion even claiming it is a 1:1 replication!

And being China we expected pirated things that was peddled to my old man. He bought an iPhone 4S that wasn’t an iPhone for SGD $120 but we are not talking about that. They’ve been on quite a lot of trips in China and even Korea.

A photographer cum videographer will tag along during these trips. Normally a local or at least someone from within the country. The Korean was slugging “so Canon camera”. Totally acceptable. Their recent China trip. Not so much. These guys will follow a single tour and will take photos of the travellers with or without permission then sell you the photos at the end of the trip.

A portable printer, a laptop, some blank DVD/ CD and photo paper is all they need.

If you goings earn these old folks money, don’t you think you should have something that can shoot better than my iphone? any iPhone mind you… I present to you the DVD they bought of themselves looking at the sights. Yes the weather was bad but the DVD was worse. Nothing edited. Uploaded as is.

The traveller with the Nikon DSLR must have better shots than any of the above.

I’m not expecting them to be using a 1Dx or a 5Dmk3 but come on. Even the point and shoot my folks had with them can shoot better video and photos.

DVD was SGD $50.00 and photos were SGD $2 each. RMB 200 and 10 respectively.

These comment ought to be called out and forced to upgrade their trade. With more and more people with their own real and proper cameras and falling prices. They have to start worrying please. And provide some real photos and proper videos these poor folks can use to remember the trip for time to come.

However, Zhangjiajie looks like a nice place (weather permitting) to visit but don’t bother getting anything from these con men. The money you spend getting the DVD and photos are better spent getting a entry point and shoot camera.


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