ITCoW 360, this site, is a sub site and blog to maintain all our latest panoramas shots and news.

See the Services page for the kind of panoramas service we provide. Clients and partners includes Nike Singapore, Park Royal, Goodwood Park Hotel, Pan Pacific Group of Hotels and Resorts, Redbull Singapore, Naumi Hotel, National University of Singapore and Transtar Travel.

See also, Panorama Asia, our commercial site.

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7 replies on “About”

Your site is incredibly valueable.
I’m from Tokyo, Japan.
There are few website about QTVR in Japanese language.

I’m very interested in makein Panorama Qtvr.
I use google everyday to know how to make QTVR.
Your site is great. easy to understand thanks to Video tutorial.
I don’t use English well, but can understand your Video.

I bought many hardware, software these two month.
I did not have even SLR camera 2 month ago.

Nikon D40 (reasonable )
sigma 10mm f2.8 fisheye
manfrotto tripod 190xb
Nodal ninja 3 and easy leveler
ballhead slik
Ptgui, Pano2VR, Photoshop CS3, Photomatix

Yes, I use a lot of money. I used up all my savings.
Please check my QTVR. It took more than 5 hours to make.

Please keep good work !!
Thank you very much for your wonderful website!

I log in in singapore. I do not know what currency this page is using when making purchase of nodal ninja product through this website. Is it USD or SGD? I saw only $ sign but unsure it is USD or SGD. Please advice. Thank you.

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