360 Pano Clarke Quay Hi-Res Night Outdoors

Beautiful Clarke Quay



This is a totally different looking when night falls. Here’s beautiful Clarke Quay.

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For MOS, faceing “The Clinic” (you can open the 2nd Pano Spin to where you see The Clinic, it’s the one with a Cross, it’s no clinic by the way, it’s a drinking place that uses wheelchairs as normal seats and drinks in drips! You’ll see some drips, wheelchairs, hospital like blinds outside this place) walk straight down the left corridor, it’ll be on the right, hard to miss it! I’ve personally not gone there, I ain’t much of a drinking person. haha

To me, The Clinic looks better for a pano! Interesting concept. The one place great for a pano is where they have these really big fridge like “deco” that’s holding god knows what but it’s design to look like a mortuary! cool huh!

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