180 Pano 360 Pano Day Hi-Res iDevices Low-Res Outdoors Parks and Gardens




Vivocity today again. main entrance as the last time there when taking the rooftop, the front fountain was under maintenance. Today, all’s up and really sunny!

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180 Pano 360 Pano Day Outdoors




yep, 3 Pano attempts and all doing 360 doesn’t seem to be working fine. More tweaking later but here’s a 180 pano, eh… I mean 3 x 180 panos.

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180 Pano Night Outdoors

Boat Quay 180 Full Screen

Remastered to a higher resolution and made full screen, the way it’s meant to be seen! Click on top image to see the full screen version.

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180 Pano Day Hi-Res Outdoors

LX3 Test


180 Pano Day Outdoors Overseas Redang

The Beach at Berjaya Resort, Redang Island

180 Pano Day Indoors Jurong West Night

8mm Pelang

8mm Pelang, 6 images (1 shot per 60 degrees)


10-20mm Sigma, 7 images (1 shot per 45 degrees)


Gotten the 8mm Pelang again to try out as the previous attempt was not possible due to a sprained back I had from work. Not as good as I wanted it to be and seems to have more work than I expected. I’ve read on many sites about this popular lens for 360 panos (along with the 10.5mm Nikkor) but I give up after a few hours of tries. Sticking to my 10-20mm Sigma that has serve me very well without the fisheye effect to worry about. Yes, we can defish it with software but the workflow will take up more time. Above, you’ll see the comparison, comparing 10-20mm and the 8mm Pelang taking a 180 Pano of my room. Sorry, it’s not a 360 x 360 Pano.

So what’s good about using a 8mm Pelang to take a pano? Well, “people” actually. Those of you who has seen a few of my panos will know that at times, there the “ghosting” effect of people walking from left to right in a pano and as there’s no way to tell them to stop walking since it’s a public place, it’ll be good if a 8mm is used as you need fewer shots eliminating the need rush to take the pano shots as the passer by won’t be able to walk into your frame yet after taking a shot. Some has taken successfully panos with the 8mm with as little as 4 shots (4 images, 90 degrees per shot) thus, it effectively froze the scene with the right shutter and aperture/ ISO settings! That’s really cool, not to mention a lot lesser work in Photoshop and PTGui later.

I’ve termed some Pano 180 when it is actually a 360 x 0 degrees shot where a full 360 pano is actually 360 degrees x 360 degrees allowing you to spin in any direction to see “what’s there”. With a 360 x 0 degrees pano, you can only go left and right and thus, it simpler to just name them 180 Panos, as in 360 divde by 2. Yes, it ain’t right strictly speaking and I do know of that. Anyways, enjoy all the panos here!

180 Pano Indoors Night

Aloha Loyang Resort Bunglow 8


An overnight of fun and laughter with games, mahjong, drinks, cakes, bbq and everything else!

Parrallex errors all over as taken handheld but overall, still fun.

180 Pano Hi-Res Indoors Jurong West Night

Light Painting Pano

Quicktime | DevalVR 

Lighting Painting + Pano…

180 Pano Day Hi-Res Outdoors Raffles Place Area

Pano with my handphone

Quicktime | DevalVR

A suprising not too bad 180 pano, taken with my O2 Zinc built in camera. Was waiting for some stuffs to be comepleted nad had nothing to do so had this idea, took out my phone, snap, turn, snap turn and 27 shots later…it worked!

oh, I am so unshaved! but hey, it’s Sat working day…tiring…boring…

180 Pano Bridges Day Hi-Res IR Outdoors Parks and Gardens Reservoirs

Upper Seletar Reservoir – IR


180 Pano Day Hi-Res IR Outdoors Stadium

National Stadium in IR