360 Pano Day HDR Hi-Res Outdoors Parks and Gardens

Beautiful, Classical, Traditional

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Traditional chinese buildings from Tang Dynasty.

360 Pano Day Hi-Res Outdoors Parks and Gardens

Tang Dynasty

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Before this place is being torn down, I made a trip there to capture as much as I can of the whole entertainment park. The place is really a photographer’s dream for a classic Chinese setting and this place brings back memories. Now in it’s torn down feel, it is an even greater location for shooting these structures and building. It’s worth every step to climb the old pagoda and have a view of the park itself and the surroundings.

The media covering is below.

“SINGAPORE – The forlorn silence at the Tang Dynasty City in Jurong could, come January, be replaced by the rumblings of bulldozers.

Just months after it seemed the former tourist draw might be given a new lease of life as a Shaolin attraction, hope of a rescue now seems extinguished, as a call went out for consultants for the demolition works.

On Tuesday, landlord JTC Corporation called for an expression of interest from those keen to provide civil and structural consultancy services for the project.

In the document posted on GeBiz, the Government’s e-procurement portal, JTC said the consultant is to provide a scope of services.

The project schedule states that the tender for demolition works will be launched in December, with the tearing-down to start next January and expected to be completed “not later than March 2009”.

Built at a cost of $100 million and opened in 1992, the 12ha theme park — the size of 18 football fields — was a re-creation of the Tang dynasty capital, Chang-An.

But high admission charges, lacklustre attractions and the 1997 Asian financial crisis, which saw tourist arrivals plunge, contributed to its closure in 1999.

Efforts to revive the theme park fell through in 2001. Then in April this year, talk emerged of a possible new breath of life.

Three Singapore companies signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to bring the 1,500-year-old Shaolin Temple legacy and culture, and its famed warrior monks, here in the form of a new tourist attraction. The Tang Dynasty City was cited as a possible site for the proposed “holistic lifestyle holiday retreat”.

When contacted on Thursday, Mr Poh Choon Ann, chairman of Poh Tiong Choon Logistics, one of the three local companies, declined comment. The spokesman for Straco Corporation, another company involved, said there had been “no developments” since the MOU was signed in April.

Property analyst Donald Han said the land has been gazetted for entertainment use. The managing director of Cushman & WakeField pointed out that JTC could be looking at readapting the use of the site — located in the middle of the Jurong industrial estate — for “more productive purposes”.

Mr Han said: “The Tang Dynasty City has been dormant for a very long time. It is of better consideration for the Government to convert it to other uses than to leave it for entertainment use on its current basis.”

The Tang Dynasty City today seems a pale shadow of its once-majestic self. When TODAY visited, the theme park’s 3-m-high wall was unscrubbed, and barricades put up across its gates to stop trespassers had fallen apart. Inside, broken glass and pieces of furniture littered the floor.

While the gates no longer allow visitors in, the car park has become a favourite for heavy vehicles and Malaysian buses. The parking attendant, who has worked there a-year-and-a-half, said she had seen groups of students entering the Tang Dynasty City. A fence put up around the walls was also cut open last month, she added.

Ms Cindy Lim, who works as a supermarket cashier nearby, said: “It’s good that the authorities are finally doing something to it. “The area is quite big and it seems a waste of land if nothing is done.” – TODAY/fa” – Source

360 Pano Day HDR Hi-Res Outdoors

Beach @ Tuas South Ave 4 (2)

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Beach @ Tuas South Ave 4 on the beach. Check out the hand written nadir.

360 Pano Day HDR Hi-Res Outdoors

Beach @ Tuas South Ave 4

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A beach at Tuas South Ave 4.

360 Pano Day Hi-Res Outdoors

Dempsey Road contd’

Continuation of Dempsey Road Panos.

That’s quite a week. A pano or 2 every day for a week+. It was fun! I’ll continue if I can to have at least a new pano a day. Thanks for still viewing and do continue to post comments or questions in the respective pano you are interested with or in the tutorial pages.

Added new if you have not seem them yet are the Tutorial, the comparison of the exports Pano2QTVR can do (viewers/thumbnails) when you run the registered version. It’s a cool software to have fully registered.

360 Pano HDR Hi-Res iDevices Indoors Low-Res Memorials Overseas Taipei13

Chiang Kai-shek

360 Pano Hi-Res Outdoors

Dempsey Road

Dempsey Hill

A truly unique place in Singapore. My first trip there was in the night thus didn’t manage to go wander around this really dark place when night fall. During the day, it’s as abuzz with activities as during the night albeit the different kind of crowds.

“This former British army barracks and Central Manpower Base premises is now a series of warehouses selling South-East Asian furniture, carpets and exotic artifacts. Here, you’ll find anything from Burmese teak cabinets to rosewood tables and Balinese settees. Nestled among all these is Linda Gallery – The House of Paintings. Specialising in Indonesian art, Linda Gallery offers visitors a sanctuary for art viewing in its two-storey high gallery space. The gallery also carries works from other Asian countries including Singapore and China.” – Source

360 Pano Day Hi-Res Jurong West Outdoors

Pioneer MRT Station update

Fullscreen: QTVR | Flash | DecalVR (Clicking on image will open in QT)

The old post was here. Look at how the progress is going. I just wish it’s faster!

360 Pano Day HDR Hi-Res Jurong West Outdoors

Jurong West Stadium

Jurong West Stadium

360 Pano Day HDR Hi-Res Outdoors Parks and Gardens Raffles Place Area

Tan Kim Seng Fountain


“Tan Kim Seng came from Malacca to Singapore in 1840. He had a humble beginning but through perseverance rose to be a very wealthy man. He founded Kim Seng and Company, a trading house on Boat Quay. Tan Kim Seng was a leader among the Chinese; he was often asked to settle disputes among them.

On 18 November 1857 Tan Kim Seng offered a sum of $13,000 for a supply of water to the Town from Bukit Timah. This water was to be carried through pipes on the main roads in Singapore. The Secretary of State for India praised the public spiritedness of Tan Kim Seng” – Source

360 Pano Day HDR Hi-Res Memorials Outdoors

Lim Bo Seng Memorial


“Lim Bo Seng was a hero of the Second World War, a Singaporean who was a Kuomintang member and vigorously raised funds for the China war efforts from the time of the atrocities in China in 1937 to the invasion of Malaya. He had to leave Singapore before the arrival of the Japanese in Singapore leaving behind his wife and children. He was enlisted by the S.O.E. to negotiate with Chiang Kai Shek to recruit Chinese young men for Force 136. He was much respected by both the European officers and his Chinese colleagues for his integrity, patriotism, courage and selflessness. He was in one of the first groups of Force 136 to return to Malay in May 1943. Unfortunately on his first trip from the jungle into the town of Ipoh he was arrested by the Japanese, possibly betrayed by Lai Teck, the M.C.P. Secretary-General who was a double agent working for the Japanese too. Lim was put in the Ipoh Prison at Batu Gajah and here he was unmercilessly tortured. The Japanese wanted the names of the Malaysian Communist Party (M.C.P.) members and the whereabouts of their hideouts. In spite of great pain and suffering he would not give in to their demands. Finally he died from dysentery and was buried in a shallow grave in the jungle near the prison. At the end of the war his body was exumed and he was given a proper burial in Singapore after a state funeral. Later with funds from Hong Kong, a pagoda-like memorial was built in his memory.”Source

360 Pano HDR Hi-Res iDevices Low-Res Night Outdoors Parks and Gardens Raffles Place Area

Under the red LED trees

360 Pano Day HDR Hi-Res Memorials Outdoors Parks and Gardens



“Cenotaph was unveiled on 31 March 1922 in memory of those who gave their lives in World War one with a 2nd dedication added in rememberance of those who died in World War Two. It is designed by Denis Saritry. The foundation stone was laid by Sir Lawrence Nunns Guillemard, the Governor of the Straits Settlement, on 15 November 1920. In attendance was the visiting French Premier, George Clemenceau who was the French Minister of War from 1917 to 1919. At the end of World War Two, Mountbatten returned to Singapore as the Singapore Commander of the South East Asia Command to receive the surrender of the Japanese at the City Hall at 12 September 1945.” – Source

360 Pano Bridges Day HDR Hi-Res Parks and Gardens Raffles Place Area

Ann Siang Hill Park


A beautiful park hidden away from the busy Central Business District (CBD). Ann Siang Hill Park. Taken over a rare clear blue sky with the 6pm moon in sight.

360 Pano Hi-Res iDevices Low-Res Memorials Night Outdoors Parks and Gardens Raffles Place Area


On the corner of Fullterton Hotel, along the Singapore river is a foundation stone.

360 Pano Day Hi-Res Indoors Raffles Place Area

Office Perfect this time…


360 Pano HDR Hi-Res Indoors Night Outdoors

The Esparis – HDR Series




360 Pano Hi-Res Indoors Night Outdoors

The Esparis

BBQ Area


A Living Room in The Esparis

Beautiful Esparis with my new pano setup, the Canon 40D and the EF-S 10-22mm. Enjoy!

360 Pano Day HDR Hi-Res Outdoors Parks and Gardens

Singapore Jurong Bird Park



Finest in the World!

360 Pano HDR Hi-Res Outdoors

La Salle College of the Arts


Nice new home of La Salle College at One McNally Road. Beautiful and unique architectural designs of straight yet slated lines towering over. Nice tall look through glasses and the fun see through floor tiles into classrooms. (Spin to the bottom of the pano to see into the classroom).

This pano is special as I met a fellow “pano-grapher” from Australia! A cool D200 setup with the 360 Precision pano head. The most expensive pano head money can buy! We had a great chat and exchanged contacts. Hope to see his work soon! Keep in touch Thomas!

Another fellow panographer I keep in contact quite a bit is Pete. Whose site is @ Go straight to his pano pages with the links below. Enjoy his panos of beautiful panos of churches.

Pete and I uses the exact same setup (Canon 350D with Sigma 10-20mm) although not for long as I sold off my 10-20mm and this La Salle pano is done using a Canon EF-S 10-22m with a 350D. He’s been busy creating some unique pano heads and is very hands on with tools.

360 Pano Day HDR Hi-Res iDevices Low-Res Memorials Outdoors Tours or Interactive

Tour this great space inside the national Museum of Singapore

Tour of Gallery Theatre.

360 Pano HDR Hi-Res Memorials Outdoors Parks and Gardens

Fort Canning in HDR



360 Pano Day Hi-Res Memorials Outdoors

Fort Canning



Established way back in 1859 as an arms store, barracks and hospital, Fort Canning contains precious memorials of Singapore’s early history dating back to the 14th century and Sir Stamford Raffles’ personal bungalow. Look out also for the Spice Garden, a small replica of the original 19-hectare tract Raffles established in 1822 as the first experimental and botanical garden in Singapore.” – Words from here.

360 Pano Bridges Clarke Quay HDR Hi-Res Outdoors

Alkaff Bridge





This is on 360 pano I have wanting to do for a while. Visit the Alkaff Bridge while on a short holiday over the weekend.

360 Pano Clarke Quay Day Hi-Res Hotels Indoors

Gallery Hotel




A Bookend Club Room in Gallery Hotel.

Click on Room or Toilet to enter that area when you’re in the 360 view to avoid having to come back to this page. Enjoy!