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Borobudur Sunrise View Point




The Singapore group packing at the sunrise viewing area before leaving for Borobudur.

Waiting for sunrise on Punthuk Setumbu. Climb up to the view point is relatively safe with cars that can be driven on concrete roads.




Borobudur, south facing of the temple. See the Statue of the Buddlha in Vara mudra.




one of the many water sprout built into the Borobudur.



Viewing the Buddha near the top of Borobudur. Visitors must don the traditional sarong to enter the grounds. It’s not up for discussion. Well, if the world’s most powerful man and his family are suppose to wear it, we have no choice. Obama’s trip was cancelled however but hey, it’s a huge place to secure for Renegade and family I guess.





With the onsite security folks looking on.

Ray of sun casted over Borobudur on a clear and bright morning.

A lot of restoration and maintenance work going on around the temple with workers hard at work. They are a little shy when photographed but gamely gave in after a few friendly gesture.

Puppet Show



Behind the scene view of a traditional shadow puppet show.


A puppet show at a village in Banguntapan.


Outside the House of puppets. Just opposite is a restaurant that has a wonderful of a small river that seemed popular with tourists.


Close up of the door’s carvings




The morning Sun peering into the entrance at one of the temples at Prambanan.





Piles of stones around Prambanan.


A visit to Candi Prambanan the day before visiting Borobudur. This Hindu temple is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is the largest Hindu temple in Indonesia.



Click for larger.



Most visitors will enter through the main entrance from the East of the compund to the “center” of the temple grounds.


Inside one of the Vahana temple. Vahana meaning the deity’s mount. The mount could be an animal or a mythical entity. It’s very dark and cooling in the temple. It’s so dark, this HDR is shot at ISO 10,000.



The back of the Shiva temple nearer to another Trimurti temple left of the Shiva temple.


The narrow and beautiful corridors at one of the temples at Prambanan.


Kedung Kayang Waterfall




“KK” taking a photo of KK



The Kedung Kayang Waterfall. Road leading to it can be treacherous with lots of graffiti that can make for great photo opportunities. The village leading to the waterfall dries a lot of tobacco leaves with full plantation of the plant. Quite a sight.



A beautiful place along Jalan Raya Borobudur about 5km northeast of Brobudur, to have lunch and some “macro” photography of bugs we found in the food with an impromptu compact cameras shootout on which compact and shoot the best closeups.

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