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A happy first(!) using the 5D MK3/III to shoot a 4-shot panoramas… to a sad day at Mcdonald’s, East Coast Park, (ECP) Singapore. We capture the Mcdonald’s on it’s last day. This Mcdonalds holds a lot of memories for many Singaporeans including mine. From their childhood days to their teens, cycling down from wherever you are on the “East Coast” and having a meal here to walking tired from not sleeping the night before…. from a chalet nearby for breakfast at Mcdonalds, ECP before heading home. Today, I had the opportunity to shoot with the 5D MK3 with a group of talented film makers who are documenting the closing through interviews and i hear many heart warming stories of love and hardwork. I am eagering waiting for the short film’s release. It’ll be posted in the comments below when it’s released. Keep your eyes on our Facebook page too. We’ll report it there. *5D MK3 with 8-15mm @ 8mm on a Nodal Ninja3

MCD Breakfast, a common sight on a Sunday morning but not again at East Coast Park.

Interview being conducted for the short film.

Who remember the Viking ship ride?! This is the current mini version of it that’s near the McDonald’s

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