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Tide Time –

General Info –
Some information ae outdated but nevertheless, useful for planning your trip. Boat trip is $2.50 now and not $2. An extra $2 will be impose if you are bringing your own bike from main land to P. Ubin on the bum boats.

Cycling Trails –
By the once active group from NUS – Pedal Ubin group. They have closed since July 2009 but the cycling guide on Google Docs is useful if you plan to cycle.

Getting there – Many ways but I took the MRT to Tampines and hop on SBS Bus number 29. Enjoy the ride all the way to the end of it’s route where it will end at Changi Village terminal. Had my Nasi Lemak breakfast and hope on the bum boat for another 15 mins. The waiting was quite long, I went on a weekdday and those bum boat uncles waited till there was 12 adults before moving off and it took 50 mins for me to have a group of 11 adults before the bum boat uncle finally said, “ai yah, ok lah, let’s go!”.

Photography – If you are planning to photograph the island as much as possible, do what I did, hire a van. Friendly Uncle Moh can be contacted at 97317629. Add country code +65 if you are visiting from overseas, Singapore have no area code. Uncle Moh is born on the island and he is 73 years old this year (2010). He and his wife has lived on the island all their lives and his wife drives another van paving the island as taxis.

Uncle Moh – Tell him to point out many interesting places like the only 8 muslim families still staying on the island (from 300 during it’s peak). Pay a visit to them if you have the time for a chat and patronised their drinks and food stalls. Tell him to point out his house when driving to Chek Jawa, the old rubber plantations, area where the Singapore Government has earmarked or has already “taken back” for development and hear him talk about the past….

Uncle Moh is very open to stopping and waiting for you while you take your winning shots, so simply ask nicely, plan before you head out with him with a map of the places you are interested in going to, what you have in mind to visit. He will suggest the best time to go but use your own photography experience (eg sunset – dont tell Uncle Mok to go to the wrong side of the island to photograph the sun set, “low tide” – Uncle Mok uses his own experience on seeing low tide, he simply look at the seas and he’s really accurate!)

Fees for Uncle Mok – $10 per trip, another $10 for the return trip. Meet him, take his number again or call before you even board the bum boat at Changi, in case he changes numbers. REMEMBER – It’s a good idea to tip although it’s not in our Singaporean culture to, an extra $2 per passenger will do nicely for his experiences that money will never buy you even in books, lonely planet or otherwise!

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