360 Pano Day HDR Hi-Res Memorials Outdoors

Labrador Park Series



Some minor parallex error on this.


Labrador Park’s high vantage point led the British to identify it as a defence site to protect the entrance to the harbours of Singapore in 1843. Now, it is an oasis of tranquillity and offers a picturesque view of the sea. Nature lovers will be pleasantly surprised to find a rich variety of wildlife, such as the White-crusted Laughing Thrush, the Yellow-vented Bulbul and the regal White-bellied Sea Eagle. Also catch a glimpse of the past as you explore the underground complexes used during World War II for the storage of ammunition and supplies.

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3 replies on “Labrador Park Series”

in average, how long do you need to stitch a full screen panorama? i assume that you shot your image in multi row so it takes longer processing time to assemble an image right?

Yes you are right Panda. Thus the reason a friend called a few days ago and i armed myself with his studio’s Canon 5D and a 15mm. Damn it’s cool! I’m actually stitching them now and will post results and comments in a week or so. On average for a non HDR pano, it will take around 30 minutes for the stitching but during this time, half the amount of time could just be waiting for certain tasks such as running the stitching to finish. I would normally surf the Net, watch some movie or MP3 listening while these are happening.

I also generally stitch up to 5 panos at one go depending on how complex they may be. I am running 4Gb ram on a D930 Intel processor overclocked to 4.1Ghz so should not waste the amount of processing power. It does get sluggish on certain task too when all 5 are stitching.

i see… for web site presentation, i think you can resize your output file to smaller size for touching up in ps or other editing pgm otherwise it will take long time to open in ps, i guess.
of course, it will be another matter if you sell it in print to your customer. canon 5d is a good machine. (even i m a nikon user at the moment) i would like to get a seond hand if price goes down further and is within my budget. cheers

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