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Fuk Tai Chi Museum Masked


I actually took another set of the Fuk Tai Chi Museum as I noticed that when it came to the shot with PWC building etc in view, the shots will of course, be overexposed and so the idea is to merge and use this other sets of photos that has the same ISO, Aperture but different Shutter speed. This set is shot at 1/20 secs merged with the 0.3 secs shots thus the inside of the Museum looks clear (0.3) and so does the outside (1/20) with the outside buildings and details of the Museum’s roof viewable. The above is the first try. It’s done using Masking in Photoshop CS2.

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Home 360 4th attempt


i think i got it right at last. +40 degrees up and -30 degrees below shots with 30 degrees per row of shots giving me altogether 24 photos plus 1 x zenith and 1 x nadir, total 26 shots and i got this! Quite many photos to take to have this but trying with 8 shots which is equvilent to 45 degrees per shot for 2 rows (+45 and -30) totally 14 (6 x 2 + 1 zenith and 1 nadir) leaves me with a lot of work in PTGui later setting control points after control points…