360 Pano Hi-Res iDevices Low-Res Memorials Night Outdoors Parks and Gardens Raffles Place Area


On the corner of Fullterton Hotel, along the Singapore river is a foundation stone.

360 Pano Day Hi-Res Indoors Raffles Place Area

Office Perfect this time…


360 Pano HDR Hi-Res Indoors Night Outdoors

The Esparis – HDR Series




360 Pano Hi-Res Indoors Night Outdoors

The Esparis

BBQ Area


A Living Room in The Esparis

Beautiful Esparis with my new pano setup, the Canon 40D and the EF-S 10-22mm. Enjoy!

360 Pano Day HDR Hi-Res Outdoors Parks and Gardens

Singapore Jurong Bird Park



Finest in the World!

360 Pano HDR Hi-Res Outdoors

La Salle College of the Arts


Nice new home of La Salle College at One McNally Road. Beautiful and unique architectural designs of straight yet slated lines towering over. Nice tall look through glasses and the fun see through floor tiles into classrooms. (Spin to the bottom of the pano to see into the classroom).

This pano is special as I met a fellow “pano-grapher” from Australia! A cool D200 setup with the 360 Precision pano head. The most expensive pano head money can buy! We had a great chat and exchanged contacts. Hope to see his work soon! Keep in touch Thomas!

Another fellow panographer I keep in contact quite a bit is Pete. Whose site is @ Go straight to his pano pages with the links below. Enjoy his panos of beautiful panos of churches.

Pete and I uses the exact same setup (Canon 350D with Sigma 10-20mm) although not for long as I sold off my 10-20mm and this La Salle pano is done using a Canon EF-S 10-22m with a 350D. He’s been busy creating some unique pano heads and is very hands on with tools.

360 Pano Day HDR Hi-Res iDevices Low-Res Memorials Outdoors Tours or Interactive

Tour this great space inside the national Museum of Singapore

Tour of Gallery Theatre.

360 Pano HDR Hi-Res Memorials Outdoors Parks and Gardens

Fort Canning in HDR



360 Pano Day Hi-Res Memorials Outdoors

Fort Canning



Established way back in 1859 as an arms store, barracks and hospital, Fort Canning contains precious memorials of Singapore’s early history dating back to the 14th century and Sir Stamford Raffles’ personal bungalow. Look out also for the Spice Garden, a small replica of the original 19-hectare tract Raffles established in 1822 as the first experimental and botanical garden in Singapore.” – Words from here.

360 Pano Bridges Clarke Quay HDR Hi-Res Outdoors

Alkaff Bridge





This is on 360 pano I have wanting to do for a while. Visit the Alkaff Bridge while on a short holiday over the weekend.

360 Pano Clarke Quay Day Hi-Res Hotels Indoors

Gallery Hotel




A Bookend Club Room in Gallery Hotel.

Click on Room or Toilet to enter that area when you’re in the 360 view to avoid having to come back to this page. Enjoy!

360 Pano Hi-Res iDevices Low-Res Memorials Night Outdoors Parks and Gardens

Terrace Nights at the National Museum of Singapore


360 Pano Day Hi-Res Outdoors

Singapore National Day 2007


Yet another fun year with a new venue and to me, a even bigger crowd at the open space near One Raffles Quay overlooking the whole area where the actual celebration is held and a great place for fireworks shooting! The fireworks shoot can be found here. A pano of the open area is above. Taken at 4.42pm and later at 6pm, this place was packed to the brim!

360 Pano Day Hi-Res Indoors

PERIDOTPIX Photo Studio 2




Yes, a reshoot cos the previous one just will not do! There was parrallex error caused by some misalignment and…well, excuses! for me not checking and only kept chatting while taking and no concentrating haha so here it is, 3 brand new panos of the Peridotpix studio! Enjoy!


Singapore Straitstimes win 1 Silver and 3 Bronze at Malofiej 28th International Infographics Awards


Direct link to the panoramas is here silve award was for this and this. Full list is here, there are 17 gold, 65 silver and 87 bronze medals at Malofiej 28.

Drone footage with the interactive mini-website is a nice take. The 360 opanoramas look like were taken with one shot solutions like insta360 etc. The resolution could have been better but still, congrats on the win.

Organised by the Society for News Design – Spain, this year’s edition saw 1,000 entries from 162 media outlets, such as The New York Times and National Geographic, across 34 countries. A total of 170 medals for both print and digital media were awarded last week at the Malofiej Infographics World Summit in the Spanish city of Pamplona.

The Istana project takes readers through a virtual tour of the official residence of Singapore’s President with immersive storytelling features, such as augmented reality and 360-degree video.

360 Pano Bintan Outdoors Overseas

Bintan Lagoon Resort to close



Bintan Lagoon holds a special place in our hearts.

SINGAPORE – After 26 years, the popular getaway Bintan Lagoon Resort is bidding visitors a final goodbye, a victim of the Covid-19 pandemic, which has wreaked havoc on global travel and tourism.

Mr Buralimar, head of the Bintan Tourism Office, said declining visitor numbers and tourism receipts were behind the demise of the 450-room, five-star resort.

A July 31 report filed with the Bintan Regency Manpower Office showed that 500 employees of the resort have been laid off.

360 Pano HDR Hi-Res Indoors

Buddha Tooth Relic Temple

Maitreya Hall (Left)


Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva Hall

I was lucky as a small ceremony was going on when I reached this hall.


Back of the Temple.


Maitreya Hall (Center)

There has been so much discussion and criticism of the actual authenticity of the tooth relic and the housing it sits in, a full 420kg of gold casing. No one is certain what they are actually praying to, how true or not the tooth relic is, the temple very beautiful place to visit with it’s great architectural designs. I was there to admire and take in all the sights and sound more than to pray with a friend who’s a very devoted Buddhist whom is also there to take photos and nothing else. No matter if it’s true or not, if it’s not doing bad or harm to anyone, let’s just enjoy.

360 Pano Hi-Res Indoors Raffles Place Area



Aug 2020 – This was Camera Rental Center if you still didnt know. The studios has since been closed – 2019.

A great chance to take an indoor pano of…an actual PHOTO STUDIO! Thanks to Jason! Pay a visit to them at


News section added.

I’ve added a news section to post pano related news. All other tech news or article (yes i know it’s been a long while since i wrote anything but well…) will still be at


First off, there’s a new version of PTGui (Version 7.2) . It nows support HDR “out of the box“! oh and no, my recent HDR based360 panos are not made using it. The HDR in my panos are processed using Photomatix then stitched using the usual (older) PTGui version.

3D Map

Interesting find of Google related maps. As you know, I use a map to map out all the panos I have taken around Singapore and Google Map and Google Earth always interest me a lot. Seeing this in 3D is darn interesting. It’s a map of London’s tube. Check it out here.

Anyone care to map out Singapore’s MRT?

Panos around the world

Lastly, check out the “Best of 2006” right here. There’s also the recently mentioned location, the so called New 7 Wonders of the World.


360 Pano Day HDR Hi-Res Raffles Place Area

UOB Plaza


From Wikipedia.

Location Raffles Place, Downtown Core, Singapore
Construction period 1986 – 1992 (Plaza One); 1992 – 1995 (Plaza Two reconstruction)
Primary usage Office
Opening date 16 August 1992 (Plaza One); 1974 (Plaza Two)
Structural height 280m, 919 ft (Plaza One); 162m, 531 ft (Plaza Two)
Floor count 66 (Plaza One); 38 (Plaza Two) and three basements
Floor area 454,560 sq ft
Owner United Overseas Bank
Management United Overseas Bank Property Management Pte Ltd
Developer United Overseas Bank
Architect Kenzo Tange Associates and Architects 61 (Plaza One construction, Plaza Two, reconstruction)
Architects Team 3 (Plaza Two initial)
Main contractor Nishimatsu ConstructionLum Chang JV
360 Pano Day HDR Hi-Res Outdoors Raffles Place Area

Large Reclining Figure by Henry Moore

HDR Version


Non HDR (Normal Version)


A big change this time. I am experimenting with HDR and I got quite good results. This is the first 360 Pano HDR-style! Enjoy!

This is the famous sculpture “Large Reclining Figure”. This version is made of bronze (and weighs 4 tons!) by Henry Moore.

360 Pano Hi-Res Night Outdoors Raffles Place Area

Capital Tower

Scene 1 Before Noise Ninja




Officially Opened by Mr Mah Bow Tan, Minister of National Development on 16 May 2001.

168 Robinson Road
Singapore 068912

An iconic development along Robinson Road in Singapore’s prime business district Capital Tower is a Grade A 52-storey intelligent office building. It is located next to Tanjong Pagar MRT station with a direct access from the train station. With an NLA of 68,887 sqm as at 31 December 2006, it houses the flagship office of CapitaLand as well as key prominent tenants such as Government of Singapore Investment Corporation Pte Ltd, JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A., Mizuho Corporate Bank, Ltd and Cisco Systems (USA) Pte. Ltd. China Club, the exclusive members-only club, is located on the top floor of the building.

Boasting numberous smart features, the building has an intelligent building management system such as the electronic booking of meeting rooms, reservation of car park lots and monitoring of the office environment.

There are retail outlets on the first and ninth storeys as well as amenities such as conference room facilities, a gymnasium and swimming pool on the ninth storey. There is also an expansive urban plaza in front of the building flaunting extensive water features, sculptures and landscaping.

Marked by its outstanding architectural and green features. Capital Tower has won numerous design and construction awards such as:
– 2007 BCA Green Mark Gold Award
– 2006 & 2005 SILA Professional Design Awards (MERIT) – Commercial & Industrial
– 2005 BCA Green Mark Gold Award
– 2003 Fiabci Prix d’Excellance – Highly commended in the office/industrial category
– 2003 BCA Energy Efficient Building Awards (New & Existing Building Category – 1st Runner-Up)
– 2002 BCA Construction Excellence Award
– 2001 BCA Best Buildable Design Award
– 2001 Singapore Institute of Architect (SIA) Façade Design Excellence Merit Award (Office Category)

Capital Tower is owned by CapitaCommercial Trust (CCT), Singapore’s first commercial real estate investment trust; and managed by CapitaLand.”

From Link.

360 Pano

Shipwrecked: Tang Treasures and Monsoon Winds 2011

Regenerated without Flash.

360 Pano Hi-Res Outdoors Parks and Gardens Reservoirs

Lower Selatar Reservoir Fishing Jetty


360 Pano Day Hi-Res Outdoors Parks and Gardens

Bottle Tree Park (Khatib)



Interesting tree and a great place to spend a Sunday afternoon.