Pano How-to 1.0

We hope to cover how to make a panorama as the point as fast as possible. Here, you will need to have your camera, lens, tripod and a pano head ready. A pano head is required to avoid having parallax errors. If you do not have a pano head, we recommend taking a look at Nodal Ninja.

Pano How to – Taking the shots

Before you start, it is taken that you have already adjusted your camera and lens to the ideal nodal point. If you are using the nodal ninja 3, a list of the setting can be found here.

Decide the height of rotation

Adjust the tripod to the height you want to rotate upon. Make sure the tripod legs are spread out evenly and of same length.


Mount Pano Head

Mount the pano head and zero it. Depending on the model of your pano head, the ability to zero varies but generally, you want the pano head to be perpendicular to the floor.


Zero the head itself.

Before (Note the bubble on right)


After (Note the bubble on right)


Zero the based of the pano head.


Mount Camera


Zero the camera

Before camera zero, not the mark to 90 degrees


After cam zeroing.


at this position, the lens must be pointing downwards on the floow and is not slated. It must be perpendicular. See picture below.


It’ll be a good time to attached the shutter release cable if you have it.


Set Camera Settings

Set Focusing Ring, the smaller the better, the smaller the mm, the lesser images you need for a successful stitch.


Set Aperture

Use an aperture of at least F8, we want everything to be in focus.

See samples below

f/3.5 (foreground clear, background blur-ish) f/10 (both foreground and background clear/focused)
f35-1.jpg f10-1.jpg
f35-2.jpg f10-2.jpg


Set Manual Focus

Do a half press of the shutter and let the lens focus ring spin and get focus.


Then switch it to manual focus allow the lens to be left at this position to take the whole 360 degree so the final pano will look consistent.


Of course, take your time if you can and take a few test shots just to compare and see that the picture looks fine at various angle of the pano head. Everything in focus.

Take the pano.

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