4. Displaying it on the web

Easiest way to display the final movie on the web is to use Pleinpot. It’s well worth to have it registered too.

Drop the quicktime movie into Pleinpot, Enter your desired page title, Title, Comments etc and click export.


Choose a place you want to save it and you’re done.


View the FINAL pano here. Thanks for reading.

For others not wanting to get their hands into any uploading or FTP-ing, there’s always other alternatives like:

Panoguide (

Allows you to upload (only) 5 panos you have made, the forums are active though and provide a great place to ask questions. It’s free but if this is your primary way of displaying your panos…look elsewhere…


Flickr – if you already are a user, simply point your user to the respective links you have and use the SPI-V plugin. See this to know how to use it.

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