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What is a 360 x 360 degrees pano shot and what can it do for you?

– Show off that property you’re selling in full 360 degrees view with a “virtual walkthrough”

– Tour of your resort/ hotel

-Outdoor exhibitions | alternative Flash link | alternative DevalVR link

-Indoor exhibitions

– Do something unique even?

multiple shots of the same subject | alternative Flash link | alternative DevalVR link


Launch the above see static images that can be seen on the floor just by clicking on it.


Flash | DevalVR

“Sports pano” of the Redbull XFighters in action.

– Show off the surroundings
– Show of what kind of decorations, huge advertisements/billboards, setups (stages, lighting systems, surveillance systems) can be done by your company



– Show off your newly open shop’s deco

The reasons are endless!


Single Pano

SGD$300 per pano shot regardless of space to be taken.

Multiple Pano non property

SGD$150 per pano with a minimum of 5 panos that is to cover a single building or area. The building or area must be of the same listed address.

Pano Property Series Package

3 room / 4 room flat

$550.00 for the living room, kitchen and all rooms.

5 room flat

$600.00 for the living room, kitchen and all rooms.

Landed Property/ Penthouse/ Bunglow

$700.00 for the living room, kitchen and all rooms. 2 surrounding pano of the property to allow visitors to have a feel of the area the property is built on.

What is provided:

– A full site survey and meetup with you to discuss and plan the shoot. Lighting will be accessed and information about what will take place before, during and after the shoot will be discussed and shared.

– The original equirectangular image, this is the image that is produced first in order to be “stiched” into a pano Quicktime movie. Below are examples of equirectangular images.


– The final Quicktime/ Flash or DecalVR (Refer to comparison) movie with or without a small customisation of your company/ organisation on the bottom pano shot (nadir, what is nadir?).
– Final HTML and Javascript coding for a full screen display. If needed, we can place the codings into your website(s) for you at no extra cost(s)

– Tour of the final panos can be generated at rates that will be advised on a case by case basis. Example of tours:

“Colors Tour”

“Pro Bono” *

We do Pro Bono work from time to time, please contact us with your organisation name and contact information. Non profitable organisations are most welcome to drop us an e-mail but of course it is not limited to non profitable org. Schools, clubs, government aided organisations in and around Singapore et cetra are welcomed.

Please note that it is up to our descretion to choose who and what to shoot and seek your understanding if we did not choose your organisation(s).

For pano, mail [email protected]

Also see

* – What is pro bono?

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