Useless GPS information

We found it out the hard way but hell.

Who was the stupid asshole idiot who thought that having the same GPS information on all the images captured on the Insta360 One R as the first image was a good idea?

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The Insta360 One R compared

We took the Insta360 One R out for a spin. Comparing it with the Insta 360 ONE and the usual setup we use for panoramas, the A7R III and Madoka 180 lens.

Insta360 Studio 2020

It’s a wierd process of exporting the equirectangular image as the default is 6080 x 3040 but it allows you to key in anything you want but there do not seem to be any difference? The file size do increase from the default 8.43Mb to exporting 10,000 x 5000 pixel at 18.05Mb

The images quality do not seem to be any different.

Insta360 ONE

Insta360 ONE R (Standard)

Insta 360 ONE R (HDR)

Sony A7R3

One shot solutions has come a long way and we believe they excel in mostly videos. Insta360’s direction is pegged a lot on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. The editing is supposed and encouraged to be done on the phone and you can share it immediately to your preferred social media platform from there once completed. However, should any of these go away, they could be in serious trouble. In the near future, i guess they are just fine and fun little cameras to have.

There are some absolutely great engineering inside the Insta360 ONE R cameras. Strangeparts has done a tear done recently you can watch it below.

Still image quality improvement has come leaps and bounds since the early single shot solution. Since the Ricoh Theta, this really is a big big improvement. Being able to export the image out into your preferred virtual tour application is a big plus but viewing the final product, the quality is overall lacking. A DSLR or even a small micro 4/3 camera can do better.

The Insta360 One R was provided by Camera Rental Centre. Check them out for renting this great and fun little camera.