The legendary 8mm Peleng so many people talk about. Apart from the 8mm Sigma which can cost twice as much or the 4.5mm Sigma that cost even more than the 8mm Sigma, the 8mm Peleng has been the choice lens for many panographers worldwide.

It hasn’t been easy finding one in Singapore but here it is. Canon mount and all.

Shots Talk?

Ok, 60 degrees per shot x 6 shots + 1 x zenith and 1 x nadir s all that is needed.

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Nodal Point, please note I am using the Velbon Quick Release Plate.

Lower Rail – 62mm just visible.
Upper Rail – 34mm on the first rubber of the quick release plate.

Minimum shots – 4 around, one every 90 dgrees with the upper arm at tilted up 7 to 10 degrees + one NADIR shot. Total, only 5 shots needed for a 360 panorama.

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