Canon EF 8-15mm

From left, the Peleng 8mm, Samyang 8mm and Canon EF 8-15mm

It’s a great lens for full frame camera that combines the 8mm full circular and 15mm wide angle and everything in between for wide angle photography or even panography.

It’s solidly build. Great to handle. A small little touch is the addition of a Limit lever on the lens that restricts the lens from 10mm to 15mm.

Heavy rain prevented us from taking out the lenses out for comparison. Maybe another time but nevertheless, here it indoors.

Below all shot on Canon 5DMK2, F/10, 1/40 @ ISO 3200

Click image to launch the panorama.

Canon EF 8-15mm

Sigma 8mm

No photoshopping or adjustment done. Just import into PTGui, stitch and output with Pano2VR. At the same settings, the Canon appears to be brighter.

Workflow remains the same. Importing to Pano2VR, leaving the Automatic EXIF checked stitches the pano well. Masking within PTGui and then output is all it takes.

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