5D MK3 with 8-15mm on R1

The Sigma 8mm lens ring from Nodal Ninja can be used with the Canon EF 8-15mm. All you need to do is to order the plastic insert.

See after adding the 8-15mm plastic, the same problem persists. Some argue that this is not a problem but it depends on how you are used to shooting and as Nick from Fanotec has pointed out,

The pros will advise you to use MF all the time

erm, isn’t that my point of that forum post? MF = Manual Focus but with the whole plastic ring obscuring the focusing window, we are not able to see what distance we are focusing at. We are no pros, just some guys trying to enjoy what we do, but it’s common sense…anyway, for now, guess this would have to make do.

Not to get into the design and what might damage the lens, we simply

– want lightweight, not manual focus blindly and praying for the focusing beep to sound (?)
– now with the 8-15mm, we do at times want to simply shoot at 15mm at maybe other degrees (eg 6 shots around and do a 2 row pano)
– or simply do a wide angle shot of something that may have interested the photographer.

Note the lens ring on the left, on the Sigma 8mm. That is designed and created by 360 Precision. Hope they create something for the 8-15mm soon that’s like the picture, slimmer and still holds the lens in place and it’ll be great if it works with the same Atome that we already have.

Anyhow, here’s the setup, completed.

Some vanity shots and comparison in size of the NN3 MK2 and R1 with the Zenith/ Nadir adaptor.

We’ve been a great fan of Nodal Ninja and own many of their products that we use for many of our client’s production shots but maybe there should be an option for the focusing window on the lens to be visible.


R1 with RD4 – 485 grams
Zenith/ nadir adaptor – weight not stated

NN3 with RD16 – 860 grams

Canon EOS 5D Mark III with batteries – 950 grams


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When using R1 with the Zenith adaptor for both photos (zenith and nadir) you change the axis of rotation respect the other photos, don’t you? It’s a problem, no?

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