Nodal Ninja 3 vs Panamatic

The Panamatic package arrives. It’s small, made of plastic, has a built in water level and a “free” camera phone lens cleaner.





Point and Shoot Setup

I setup the Canon Powershot A95 on the Panamatic, it does not sit well on the nodal point I need so I added the T Adaptor that came with my Nodal Ninja 3.


Really nice, light and simple setup.


Sameple 360 pano fro mthe above setup. It work beautifully. 12 shots, every 30 degrees but at some point, where the markings are not visible as it’s underneath the lens of the A95, it’s all “by feeling” taking of the shots.


Quicktime | DevalVR (soon)

DSLR Setup




Same as the A95, the markings next to the water level will be totally blocked out when the lens rotates.


Small indeed! Side by side with my Nodal Ninja 3 fitted with the Velbron Quick Release Plates.


The panamatic is small and light to be bringing anywhere to. 180 panos on a point and shoot such as the Canon Powershot A95 is totally possible. Moving on to full 360 panoramas will not be possible as it does not allow titling of the lens (upwards or downwards), let alone taking any zenith or nadir.

Overall, it is a cheap accessory to own for some fun cylindrical pano taking on a point and shoot camera.

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