Nodal Ninja 3 with Velbon Quick Release Plates

It’s always a chore to be turning the knob of whatever Pano head(s) you have or using to remove the camera from the pano head while holding it in place then removing the tripod and then snap a nadir image. After some reading and surfing around, I notice a guy who’s using the Nodal Ninja had an attachment quick release plate. I seek out to find one too here in Singapore and found the Velbon QRA-6L which is cheap enough and gets the job done. It’s $65 SGD.

I bought 2.

Reason being, I can now quickly detach the whole pano head while leaving one quick release plate on the tripod with the ball head and quickly re-attach the camera into the pano setup!


The Nodal Ninja 3 mounted on the Velbon then the Ball Head.


Above, Nodal Ninja removed, leaving only the base plate.



The camera with a second Velbon quick release plate.


Removed camera from quick release of Nodal Ninja 3 and fitted onto the base plate of tripod. Instant switch, anytime.


New Nodal Ninja 3 Settings

A Canon 350D fitted with a 10-20 Sigma and with the Velbon QRA-6L, upper rail will be 82 and lower rail will be 56 for the nodal point/ entrance pupil.

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Convenient setup. May I know whether the size of the screw that tightens the Velbon clamp to the upper rail is standard size? I may need to get an ACRA swiss clamp instead when I get the NN3.

Also, it looks like your ball head is also a panning head. Would it be possible to just get the NN3 without the lower rotator since the rotating function can be handled by the panning head? In this setup, the Velbon plate is attached directly to the lower rail (without the rotator). This may be unconventional, but wonder whether will it work?

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