Nodal Ninja Vs Acratech Pano Products


The Acratech Panorama Tripod Head.

The Acratech Panorama Head is a well built pano head but sad to say, that’s where the good of things end.

It was a really frustrating piece of equipment, there is no click stop, you will require additional equipment, the Nodal Rail in order to use non fisheye lenses like a 24-70. You don’t get to see certain degrees, we couldn’t see we have hit the 180 degrees while doing a all around panorama. How accurate can you be then?


Now you don’t see it, now you don’t see it still – the marking on certain degrees that’s obscured by the knob!


Works with the Nodal Ninja R10 lens ring. Shown above with the 8-15mm lens.


Using a 24-70mm lens? You will need the nodal rail.


Replaced the default camera holder with our all time favourite quick release plates from Velbon.


The full setup on a tripod.

That not only add weight to a total of about 640 grams, but the price is steep too. At times, i wonder if these manufacturers are making these equipment because they can or they are making them to actually sell!

The nodal ninja 3 MK2 for example, will weight you less than 460 grams, set you back $150 USD and you have everything to start taking panos.

Acratech Pano Head – $380 USD (450 grams)

Nodal Rail $200 USD (200 grams)


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– The Acratech Pano head is solidly built


– If you are beginning to take panos, you will need the Pano head and the noal rail setting you off at $580USD, the Nodal Ninja entry level NN3 basic package will set you off $200 USD. Almost 1/3 of the price

– No click stop. This is a show stopper…at least for us.

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For other great products from Acratech, other than pano heads, visit their Singapore Dealer, Orient Photo Pte Ltd,

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