What’s in my bag ver 1

“What’s in my bag” version 1 | “What’s in my bag” version 2 | “What’s in my bag” version 3

I’ve my setup semi ready for a shot in the bag, as of now, I am using a Crumpler Keystone, Tripod strapped and ready to go. I was using the Crumpler 7 million home but carrying the tripod manually made me tired…


The Nodal Ninja 3 (NN3) is already fixed up and ready. It fit nicely.


I have my tripod head’s plate fasten on the NN3.


Slide it in, tighten and ready to take shots.


The Canon 350D, Sigma 10-20mm ready.

I also use the Sigma 18-200mm sometimes…


My Gear:

Canon 350D
Sigma 10-20mm wide angle lens
Sigma 18-200mm tele lens
Benro m128 Carbon Fibre tripod
Benro KS-1 tripod head
Nodal Ninja 3
Canon RS60-E3 shutter release for taking shots quickly
Hoya 62mm R72 filter for the Sigma 18-200mm

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