What’s in my bag ver 3.0

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This is the ThinkTank Humongous Bazooka. Extendable to fully house the my tripod, Nodal Ninja 3 and camera with lens attached.

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may i know how tall is your tube bag?

another question, why can’t you fold the ninja with the lens facing the top than turning the horizonal leg in the up position?


hi panda, it’s about 0.8 meters long when fully extended. I dont face the lens downwards as one, the cap tend to fall off the Peleng 8mm during transportation. Will cause scratch, Two, setup is faster, pull out the cam and set bubble level on my Nodal Ninja which can be seen from all angles when the lens is point downwards.

Also with my Velbon quick release plates, the upper rails do not keep parallel with the half of the upper rails but it’s no problem since I prefer to slot the whole setup in that way.

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