What’s the Difference? NN3 and NN3 MKII

Click on the images to enlarge. Let’s start!

The left is the NN3 and the right is the new NN3 MKII. The bottom arm has been redesign to allow for tightening of the lower rotator much more easier. Differiate the 2 models by the bubble level. The NN3 was with a white base while the new NN3 MKII has the cool green.


Removeing the knobs on both the NN3 and NN3 MKII reveal a small difference. The NN3 has metal (copper) studs while the MKII has plastic ones.


Note the ring indents have a new design too. Below: Front NN3, behind, the NN3 MKII.


Close up shots of the bottom knob. Left the NN3, right, NN3 MKII.


Bottom rotator shot. Here you can see the copper and plastic holder for the indents clearly. Bottom, NN3, top, NN3 MKII.


The bottom rotator knob view. Note the new female screw for a wider range of tripod holder. Now you can use the NN3 MKII on more tripods!

Left NN3, right NN3 MKII


The new tension adjuster. Left the NN3 with a center screw that can be adjusted with a philip screwdirver. Right the NN3 MKII, no tools needed. With a new design, there’s now a new layer of rotating metal on the bottom of this top knob and depending how tight (or loose) you turn this knob in, the tension of rotation will be tighter or looser. A very welcome change!


A close up again, top NN3 MK2, bottom NN3.


The top rotator has no changes and is exactly like the NN3. Below is a top rotator when ordering a full package of the new NN3 MKII. It comes with a free camera mounting plate and the full package comes with rail stops (with spares!) to allow re-setting up of your NN3 MKII faster and accurately.


Top view.


The accessories and spares includes the following. Everything you need to dismantle, replace and change of many parts of your NN3 MKII. This is at no extra charges from the full packages.


The same ultra cool zipper bag that comes with the NN3 MKII.


Close shot.


That’s it. The NN3 MKII’s most welcome and much needed redesign lower rotator does make it even better. The new tension design means an end to the constant dropping off the center screw in the past.

It just keep coming off when it’s packed in my Crumpler 7 million home camera bag. I seldom bring the zipper bag out with me as I do not dismantle my NN3 once it has been set up. The lower knob itself feels different too, this is because of a new rubberised knurl as compared to the NN3, the NN3 MKII feels firmer with better grip while adjusting.

The same full package makes the NN3 MKII an even better offer in terms of price, weight and features compared to the many offering of pano heads out there in the industry. The inclusion of the accessories and zipper bag is a very nice touch allowing the user to not worry about after sales support with everything extra thrown in. All these with a full 2 year warranty, no pano head can be better than this!

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