A7 and the Yasuhara Madoka 180

15 April 2014

Break out the Bushman! We’re doing this!

We’ve got a A7, the first A7 series with recently announced A7S and the smaller brother of A7R. Paired it up with the Yasuhara Madoka 180, hereinafter known as the YM180 since it’s quite a mouthful and took it for a spin. We’ve been on this setup for about a 3 week.

Madoka means circle or round in Japanese.

The Sony:

Camera is running Firmware 1.02. It has to be manually set in 2nd Screen (Gear) > APS-C Size Capture > On










Image becomes 10 Megapixel, Images set to JPG X.FINE. Here are the results.


Click to launch


Click to launch


It’s a light weight, compact setup that allows us to bring it easily and most importantly, allowing us to shoot more frequently. The old setup of the 5Dmk3, 8-15mm lens really is weighing us down. It’s quite a drag bringing it out for maybe a fun shoot or a gathering. Breaking it out during those meet up usually too gives a skeptical look with raised eye brows. Then when we need to do the pano dance of going around the tripod, people get curious with what the hell are we doing.


This small setup allows less attention and paired with the small Gobi from Bushman Panoramic and a simple table top tripod, it was great and fun bring it out even when we are lugging another few kgs of “gears”. The Sony A7 provides for a really much awaited, much needed full frame sensor in a small little package. We just love how this camera feels but we do miss the custom menu that was possible on the 5DMK3 and not having to scroll through some menu then sub menu to for example, set up the lens to a crop sensor for the MD180.

We hope to be trying out the A7S soon but results should vary much, it’ll be higher in resolution but the weight and compactness of the whole setup will pretty much be the same.

That’s it, this will be as of April 2014, be our primary setup for a long time to come.

By the way, are those colors on this building familiar or what…



YM180 on a NEX7
Aerial of the area (with a Ricoh Theta)

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