Point and Shoot Camera 360 Pano

It’s been a long time since I wanted to try this, a 360 panorama using a point and shoot.

I’m using the Nodal Ninja 3 (NN3) with a Canon Powershot A95 with a 0.5x wide adaptor, mounted with a T adaptor to the NN3.

The T-Adaptor that comes with NN3 package.


Canon Powershot A95 with the 0.5x wide adaptor


Mounted the 0.5x wide adaptor.


Mount the T adaptor to the camera. Make sure the off-set 2 mounting holes are aligned with the lens

Then the find the nodal point. I discovered there’s no way to actually mount the camera on the nodal point I need as the NN3’s upper rail knob is blocked in order to tighten the T Adaptor closer to what I need. Time to improvise. ..


I used a standard 1/2″ bolt to tighten the T Adaptor and in turn the camera closer to what I needed.


and the lower rail settings…

So time for the shots…

Total Shots, 38. Breakdown:

A95 with 0.5x wide
Focal Length – 7.813
Multiplier – 4.842

+45 degrees upwards, 30 degrees per shot


+-0 degrees, 30 degrees per shot


– 45 degrees downwawrds, 30 degree per shot


+90 – 1 x Zenith


-90 – 1 x nadir


Here’s the final equi-rec image. Click on it to launc the final QTVR.


It works but need more photos than my usual setup but well, it’s a lot lighter to be bringing out for pano shoots! Very limited settings I can do with the A95 and I pumped up the ISO to 400 to get the above pano and had to use Noise Ninja (nope, not the same company as Nodal Ninja haha) to clean up the noise.

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