PSP – P5100 Settings

Here’s the Point and Shoot Paranoramas (PSP) Settings with the Nikon P5100, UR-E20, FC-E8 and Nodal Ninja 3 settings.

The Nodal Ninja 3

I’ve decided to mount the setup with the full Nodal Ninja set, with both upper and lower rail to prevent damage to the UR-E20.

Lower Rail – 4

Upper Rail – 81 with T Adapter markings.

The Nikon Coolpix P5100

I’ve found not to set the camera to the WC adaptor settings. This settings according to the manual “When at this setting, the camera lens is zoomed out to the maximum wide angle position…” made me thought it’s wider? Better? It turn out not. PTGui have a harder time trying to stitch those images. Thus, disable this, set it to OFF.

Metering is set to Center Weighted for all panos currently, White Balance is never set to Auto, it keeps adjusting to different hue and made the final pano looked awkard. Lastly Distoration Control is set to Off.


4 Images with 90 degrees per shot and 1 x NADIR shot handheld.I set the lens to Circular, enter 187 as FOV.

I fed all 5 images into PTGui and it stitches perfectly. Less my legs…

Next, outdoor tests…

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