PSP – P5100 Videos


Settings and optimisation used for P5100, UR-E20, FC-E8 and Nodal Ninja 3 in PTGui.

Feeding the equirectangular image into Pano2QTVR, converting them to cubic.

Adding signature in Photoshop to the NADIR cubic image.

Creating the final equirectangular image in Pano2QTVR, creating the QT, spotting and finally the final QT.

Masking the NADIR in Photoshop

NADIR Masking in Photoshop from etegration on Vimeo.

Feeding the images into PTGui, optimising with vertical lines and viewpoint settings

PTGui stitching from etegration on Vimeo.

Pano2QTVR works, change 6 cubic

PTGui – Convert to Cubic from etegration on Vimeo.

Adding signature in Photoshop

Pano2QTVR – Signature in Photoshop from itcow on Vimeo.

Create Quicktime, Spotting in QT, create thumbnail, DevalVR

Pano2QTVR – Outputting QTVR, Spotting from itcow on Vimeo.

I’ve decided against Youtube and switched to Vimeo which offers a lot clearer screen capture/ recording playback.

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